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  1. What's the weight of my livestock?
  2. Weight of livestock
  3. Manitoba Livestock Expo
  4. Feeder cattle prices edge higher
  5. Seized Livestock in NS
  6. Pork
  7. A question?
  8. Commercial destocking in Ethopia
  9. Hog Producer Turned Sheepman in Georgia
  10. Trappers And Producers Can Work Together To Manage Coyotes
  11. Cow Manure
  12. Canadian Pork Production Costs Compare Favorably
  13. NPPC Wants Japan In TPP Trade Talks
  14. Maple Leaf resuming production at Winnipeg after fire
  15. Storage and Handling - Key to Effective Vaccination Program
  16. Low Cattle Numbers Concerning
  17. South Korea Pork Trade Negotiations
  18. NZ's famous giant sheep Shrek
  19. Advancements In Herd Genetics - US
  20. WTO COOL Ruling Applauded
  21. Video Tells Positive Story of Dairy Farmers
  22. CME: Doubts Over GIPSA Rule Enaction
  23. Canada-Mexico Win Trade Case
  24. Livestock Producers Say Too Much Corn for Ethanol
  25. McDonald?s, Target drop egg supplier
  26. Raw organic milk recalled in California
  27. Price insurance plan for cattle and hog producers
  28. Feed mill operation to shutter in December
  29. Beef Cow Symposium
  30. Looking for best remote camera for my calving barn
  31. Horses slaughtered for meat in US
  32. Saputo names new president
  33. S. Sask. roads not cold enough for heavy trucks
  34. New president confirmed for Quebec's UPA
  35. Positive economic data supports feeder cattle
  36. CME: Corn Prices Lower, Good News for Producers
  37. FDA to Begin More Residue Testing in Milk
  38. Undercover Investigation of Quebec Slaughterhouse
  39. AMPI invests $7.5 million in manufacturing upgrade
  40. CME: Live Cattle Futures Declined Sharply
  41. Minister Gets Tough on Laying Hens Directive
  42. Save Lake Winnipeg Act Threatens Supply of Hogs for Processing
  43. CFIA urging flu shots for livestock workers
  44. Canadian feed advantage over U.S. narrows
  45. What do you do with all that cow poop?
  46. Poultry packer announces more layoffs in N.B.
  47. SPCA slams legal loophole in Canada over horse hanging
  48. Olympia, The London International Horse Show:
  49. Que. shifts ASRA coverage on feeder calves, lambs
  50. Winnipeg beef packing project to press ahead
  51. Egg processing plant shuts doors
  52. Meeting Next Week On Proposed Holstein Canada ? CDN Merger
  53. Feds back Quebec R+D for SRM removal equipment
  54. A worry for sheep farmers - a dog for a Christmas present
  55. Sunnymel to Hire 250 People for Chicken Plant
  56. Call for Federal Action on Antibiotic Use
  57. Saudi dairy giant spends $83M on Argentina farms
  58. US-EU hormone beef trade war nearing end
  59. How Many Congressmen Does It Take To Screw A Horse?
  60. Employees vote in favour of a new 8-year labour contract in Olymel poultry plant
  61. Two More ASF Cases Reported in Russia
  62. JSR Purchases 650-Sow Nucleus Farm in Canada
  63. Alta. sheep producers backed for RFID readers, software
  64. Watch Dairy Output & Exports In 2012
  65. Market Access For Live Cattle To UAE
  66. Another Chinese Milk Scare
  67. Major Jay Fox of Eddystone
  68. Canadian Pork Council Pushes For South Korea Deal
  69. Cape Breton farmer produces sheep cheese
  70. Another step toward resumed access for beef to South Korea
  71. Farm workers urged to get flu shot: Swine are ?mixing vessels? for flu DNA
  72. With margins tight in hog industry nutrition plays an even bigger role
  73. McDonald's Beef Supplier, Steve Foglesong: "Raising Cattle and a Family"
  74. 1984 McDonald's Big Mac Commercial
  75. Big Dutchman Co-Founder Passes Away
  76. Call for Action to Ensure Adequate Hog Supplies
  77. Pork Producers Celebrate Key Milestone Speaking Out for Agriculture
  78. USMEF: November pork exports a record
  79. OSHA proposes $142,000 in fines for poultry producer
  80. Manure Solids for Cow Bedding can Succeed
  81. Army investigating sheep beating video
  82. A bigger world stage for sheep shearing goes viral
  83. South Korea to resume Canadian beef imports
  84. MA Dairy Eyed in Milk Scare
  85. Klassen: Western Canadian feeder cattle surge hig
  86. Canadian cattle, sheep, goats cleared for Philippines
  87. December Hogs & Pigs Report shows efficiency in pork farming
  88. Canadian pork producers name new chief
  89. Bull run in U.S. cattle may lose steam, for now
  90. U.S. Cattle Inventory Drops to Lowest Since 1952 on Drought
  91. Dirty Jobs? Mike Rowe on lamb castration, PETA, and American labor
  92. McDonald's drops "pink slime" beef
  93. Batten Down The Burger Hatches: Beef Prices Ballooning This Year
  94. Unique 'cottontail' cows could be slaughtered
  95. Cattle Industry Kicks Off Annual Convention in Nashville
  96. 27th Annual KNEB Farm & Ranch Expo
  97. Top Sask. cattle auctioneer Sheldon Nicholson
  98. Manure jail sentence appealed
  99. Cargill?s Guelph beef plant staff ratify deal: report
  100. Ex-national dairy leader to head dairy commission
  101. New CEO of Canadian Dairy Commission
  102. Robot milker firm, Ont. builder partner on dairy barns
  103. Manitoba?s Outstanding Young Farmers crowned
  104. McDonald?s to move toward stall-free U.S. pork
  105. All set for an exciting new event - UK Dairy Expo
  106. Sell Refined Sunflower Oil
  107. Olymel in talks over Colbex beef plant
  108. Cattle Extend Rally to Record on Tightening U.S. Beef Supplies
  109. Negligible risks to humans from new animal virus: OIE
  110. VIDEO: What Happens to Piglets on Factory Farms
  111. Peru re-opens ports to live Canadian cattle
  112. 'Defining the Future' Takes Focus at Conference
  113. Bill Would Protect Livestock Farms From 'Frivolous Suits'
  114. Mother Dairy bets big on Mumbai with yogurt launch
  115. Viterra?s Cattle Financing Program Will No Longer be Available
  116. The 30th Western Canadian Dairy seminar
  117. UK Dairy Expo
  118. Great to reopen a market but one cattle producer not impressed
  119. Arctic bacteria eyed for salmonella vaccine in chickens
  120. Big Report Numbers Could Yield $5 Corn ? and Lower Feed Costs for Dairies
  121. Manitoba cow-calf producer to head CCA
  122. Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program
  123. Major Project for Canadian Hog Industry
  124. Central Plains Dairy Expo - South Dakota
  125. Hog farmer says the government ?mindset? must change re hog industry
  126. Easy Rake Brings Safety & Efficiency to Your Silage Pit
  127. Antibiotics, Down On The Farm
  128. The London Poultry Show
  129. Scrapie-quarantined sheep vanish from Ont. farm
  130. CWT Assists with 7.8 Million Pounds of Butter and Cheese Export Sales
  131. Sofina to buy former Maple Leaf pork plant
  132. U.S. Tightens Rules on Antibiotics Use for Livestock
  133. U of M students to host Agriculture Awareness Day
  134. Dairy Farm Cows ?Spoiled? With Waterbeds
  135. Prairies? community pastures all to stay open in 2012
  136. Bilateral free trade agreements key to expansion of Canadian pork exports
  137. New case of mad cow disease in California
  138. Agriculture is appealing much more capital
  139. The 39th Annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival
  140. New PRRS vaccine approved for young pigs
  141. Developing best management practices for dairy farms in Manitoba
  142. Tim Hortons moves on sow stalls, layer hen housing
  143. Dairy co-ops to keep making Yoplait for Canada
  144. Cattle prices jump as ranchers begin rebuilding
  145. BeefTalk: Don?t Take Bull Fertility for Granted
  146. Rodeo Shows in Canada
  147. Rodeos in US
  148. Rising Demand for Goat Products
  149. China?s impact on US agriculture is growing
  150. How Do You Expect Me to Expand My Cow Herd?
  151. N.S. backs former pork plant for poultry processing
  152. Que. beef, dairy farmers to hustle for Colbex co-op
  153. The costs from MCOOL keep rising and don?t expect a reprieve anytime soon
  154. Small dairies go under as milk prices sink again
  155. Pork Checkoff Presents PORK Academy at World Pork Expo
  156. McDonald's to buy pork from pig-friendly farms
  157. Ukraine re-opens to Canadian live hogs
  158. World Pork Expo
  159. Canada?s Outdoor Equine Expo Starts Friday
  160. Rabobank cautions over dairy price rebound
  161. Hypor first to market with Genomic Selection by Swine Health Management
  162. Pork exports seen up despite weak Korean demand
  163. Feeder cattle exports up amid shifting grain economics
  164. Hog industry under pressure to eliminate stalls
  165. Farmers warned of dangers of applying manure on cracked, dry soil
  166. COOL ruling a victory for Manitoba pork producers
  167. Drought Forcing Ozarks Cattlemen to Sell Herds
  168. Dairy Farmers Benefiting from Robotic Feed Pusher
  169. AgStar Hog Blog: Pig Economics and Risk Management Strategies
  170. Another Canadian Beef Trade Victory!
  171. Chicken Farmers of Canada Get Federal Funding for On-Farm Safety Audit
  172. CME: Shrinking US Beef Cow Herd of Concern
  173. Swine traceability offers new tools to eliminate swine disease
  174. Canadian Dairy Somatic Cell Count Policy Change
  175. Testing Cattle for BSE
  176. U.S. Resumes Beef Imports From Japan
  177. Loss could hit $52 a pig for Manitoba hog farmers
  178. Second Largest Canadian Hog Farm Goes into Receivership
  179. Aflatoxin ? A Guide for Beef Producers
  180. USDA: U.S. pork production up 6 percent
  181. What Issues are on the Horizon for Livestock Producers?
  182. Minister Ritz?s communications strategy still under attack
  183. US Dairy Exports Continue to Boom
  184. Pork Producers Did Not Panic
  185. Ontario Beef Producers Urged to Participate in Code of Practice
  186. News Forage and Transportation Aid Applications Extended
  187. Canadian Beef Import Levy Introduced
  188. Cattle prices continue to climb as herd numbers fall
  189. Cattle Supply To Drop After Christmas
  190. Pasture Must Suit the Cow, Expert Advises