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08-03-2003, 09:29 AM
A R6 is the upgraded including name of the later model N6. An R60 is a Deutz powered R6 with quite a few less parts and by company info, less capacity. The less capacity was once explained that Deutz had pretty much the same machine but used different standards to rate the capacity. I do know locally that an N6,R6,and R62 can run the crap out of the R60 to keep up. Agco seems to have gone back to the AC rating system or the R60 was smaller. Deutz found ways to cut corners to reduce the cost of the R6, ie less parts and possibily less capacity. Agco has brought the line back up to better standards with the less parts of Deutz redesign. locally the R60 doesn't sell well, too many Gleaner farmers had too many problems with the machines. An N6 and R6 can easily be retrofitted with a Cummins engine and live on for years, not true of its Deutz cousin. Deutz powered Gleaners around here were known for engine problems. The l,N, and R operators treated the Deutz engine equal to the 670(426cid)and685(516cid) AC engines and the Deutz were requiring alot more babysitting(keeping the Deutz much cleaner than the AC was mandatory) soybean fuzz,and corn silks were the normal killers here. Absolutely NO OIl lEAKS are allowed with the Deutz! When my N6 wears out I will look at a R62 or R65 to replace it.

08-03-2003, 02:06 PM
I traded a '86 R6 to Hernley's in Elizabethtown, Pa. I think they are asking $17,000 for the base unit if you are interested. It has been re-powered w_ a new Cummins and only had about 300 hrs. on it when I traded. The only thing I know it needs is a cage. I spent over $12,000 in the repower.

08-03-2003, 11:48 PM
R6 is basically an early R60 with liquid cooled A-C engine. Engine compartment enlarged on R6 from N6 to make room for soon to come V8 Deutz. Early Deutz may not of had the snap that A-C engines had but HP was the same or as advertized. Get straw to flow properly and you wouldn't notice a difference. later R60s have the P3 system which could gobble up even more power than P1 system if not tuned up per hyperizing. I'm personally thankful to Deutz for helping to keep Gleaner alive in very tough times. If they would (as others in their very high places) of only listened to the proper people they would still have Gleaner and Allis under their belt. What they expected us to sell for a tractor after having Allis just didn't work in our area. Makes me ask myself what does it take to make a great company. I guess that got off your subject. Good luck