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02-09-1999, 02:11 AM
This is the 3d time I have typed this. Site monitor I hate the n$@n% censor. You have zapped me three times and I ain't never cussed in my life til now! Any way....The DEUTZ air cooled engine is world renown for its fuel efficient, long life, low maintenance and high performance. However it has probably been oversold in the area of it is not a NO maintenance power plant. It must be kept clean and adjusted and kept leak free as All engines. Yes you can overhaul it mostly from the top w_o lifting the eng or removing the pan. You can work on only one cyl. that say gaulds a piston. You will never throw a fan through a radiator to the tune of a couple of thou....like a liquid cooled. Generally a well maintained Deutz will have a life of nearly twice that of a liquid cooled but the cost to overhaul is nearly twice the price so it is a wash so to speak. Speaking of washing...I have a r50 with over 3000 hours on it and have had no eng probs at all. I wash out All coolers between crops, corn - beans- wheat. Takes about 30 mins to do an excellent job. There is a plate behind the turbo that needs to be removed and cleaned behind once a season on the BFl913C 6 cly. The 513 V8 takes a little longer as you need to remove the top air breather and sheet metal to really do it right. There are super success stories and some not so successful stories about,...just like EVERY other eng brand. We once put a new salvage engine in a tractor direct form cummins... now where do you suppose they got a new salvage engine..IJIJIJIJIJIJ These engines especially the 6 cly BFl913C are about at their max hp. Don't turn the pump screw much above the highest r52 factory setting and expect the same engine life..Instead read the posts below and do the mod - uh- upgrades to reduce the required HP and strain to make those old Gleamers run like the new ones can...and you can make them better too.....!!!!!

02-09-1999, 07:52 AM
My R60 has a V8 and for me, an annual cleaning with compressed air is all that is necessary. I surely dont miss the daily radiator cleaning on water-cooled machines. On the downside, it doesnt idle as smoothly as I think a V8 should. Maybe the engine drive coupler is going but these things are supposed to last forever and are much better than the couplers on l_M series machines that didnt. My neighbor has a Deutz tractor and he cleans the engine about every other year when it overheats and stops running. Any engine that will go 8000 hours for a moron like him must be one tough engine. Tom Russell

02-10-1999, 11:03 AM
I remember back in the late 80's at Farm Progress, Deutz Allis had a demonstration - they had a Chevy 454 along side the Air Diesel V8 that they (used to, unfortunately!) run in the big Gleaners. They would start them up and gun the throttles. The Deutz diesel had just as much "snap" to it as the 454 gas. REAllY impressive!! We also have had really good luck - we have three of them on our farm - two tractors and an R50. As said by others, keep them clean! Remove any trash that may accumulate in the cooling fins, clean all oil coolers, keep buildup from top of engine. I have worked the dickens out of my 7085 tractor, pulled the dipstick, and the oil is just pee warm! Good luck!

02-11-1999, 01:30 AM
Tom, These engines ussually purrrr like a pussy cat at idle unless it is quite cold out and combustion temp. is quite low. You may want to have your valves set for they have a tendency to snug up rather than get loose which could be holding a valve open. I would recommend adjusting every 500 hours, more if you find they are holding there own. The flex couplings on these machine do have a click noise come from them at lower idles and is normal but they are very forgiving on alignment unlike the old damper plates which must be lined up perfectly. I agree with the other posts here so far but I cautious you on wiping oil from dipstick on your skin for these larger Deutz engines have a thermostat to hold temperature of oil warm enough so they can use it for your cab heater. It is hard to trade the guys out of there Deutz powered combine for they like that air cooled motor. Good Day. Dan

02-13-1999, 01:58 AM
I think these engines are marvelous! I dread the day I may own a combine with a liquid cooled engine again.

02-13-1999, 12:02 PM
Kenc asks: _What temp is pee warm anywayIJ Anyone have a temp guage on theirsIJ_