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    We are running 1 CDF and 1 with half the bars off. First thing I noticed this year is virtually no cobs at all in the corn with the CDF and also much less power to run this new rotor. Improvement, YES. Its it worth the investmentIJ I dont know its a personal choice I guess. I would get a CDF though.


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    I have found less rotor loss and much quieter (no rumble) and eats green stem beans. Excellent in corn. I still emphasize how an air reel creates a perfect feeding scenario and makes any combine work better in all crops but mostly down and green stemmed beans. Setup is as from factory for rotor with helical wedge and added steep pitch over concave section.

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    To those with CDF rotor. How many seeds per square foot of row total loss do you think you are getting. Including head loss.

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    A good example in wheat would be as follows. We do our wheat in flex (glyphos 7 days earlier for drydown) as we sell the straw. In our standing wheat the the loss average was less then 5 kernals_ sq. ft.(windrow) out of the rotor and none in the rest of the windrow. Some areas you have trouble finding any! In the down wheat there was some in the bad spots through out the width of the head (25') due to the reel threshing and some more in the windrow. I find the Gleaner is a very greedy combine compared to my previous rotary and straw walker machines.

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    Did you get a leed on any of these Pete. I have a guy with a pair of R76's that kept his jobber rotors as he traded machines. He now wants CDF's fixed up the way we do for I demoed a machine to him and he wants just what that machine has. He'll need to shim steep helicals 1_4" and shim the CDF bars 1_4" and he'll have just what I demoed to him. He said it just kicked butt compaired to what he is currantly using. He loved the machines as is but never new what he could have until the demo.

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    Pete, Watcha doinIJ Decided to move up from my old P3IJ I think a friend of mine might have a CDF in his shed.... I'll ask him and find out.

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    Irv, Still using your P3 in my N6. That Hyperized P3 is one corn eating pig! Still have some growling with green stem beans and thought an enclosed rotor might help. I figured a CDF would be cheaper than an R62 with a CDF. I am always tinkering. Call me if you find one 563*357*7992

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    Dan, Still looking for a CDF for my N6 with a Hyperized P3, steep pitch helicals and separator grate.

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