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    TlB, I just recieved the "BEST OF FARM SHOW" magazine and on page 37 there is a poly spout which extends the spout another 13 inches which sells for 180 dollars. It might be what you are looking for.If you want more info tell me.


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    There is a product available called "The Extender". It is made by Stewart Steel Co. of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada. Their phone n is (306) 842-4411. The Extension fits between the turret elbow and the horizontal auger. You can get either a 2' or 3' extension. Hope this helps.

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    I have sold alot of 2388 to farmers with 12 row cornheads. For a quick fix and not too much money we put the rubber boot from a 1460 or 1480 combine on the end of the unloader in place of the boot that came with the combine. It allows the grain kart to move over one row. We call it the long shot.

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    Wrecked more augers with this product

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    How did you wreck your augers with this productIJHitting things with the auger because it sticks out further, or breaking the drives of the combine because it wasn't designed for the longer auger.

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