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Thread: Grain Carts

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    We have an Unferverth 5000 it holds 500 bushels it is a good unit with the tarp and xtensions it holds 600. The Degelman cart is a good unit also I have used one and it worked very well I also liked the option where you can lower the unloading auger low enough to unload right into an auger if you need to. But we prefer the Brent or Unferverth same company because it has the corner auger you don't have the extra drag auger to worry about. The Brent 874 is also a good unit.


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    Degelman offers a 800 bu. cart that will lower its

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    We have many JandM carts in our area. They seem to hold up well with corn and beans. Ours is a '93 model 750 and after this year we will replace the 16" auger. The C-IH dealers and JD dealers don't keep used ones on the lot very long. There is a large dealer in east central Il that carries many new and used carts.

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    Orth whoIJ Oh yea I think I saw one ... or was that Ortho something.....IJIJIJIJ Unverferth and KilBros are a couple of brands we HAVE seen. And chaser bins,, thats a good one we will have to remember.

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    Should have made it a bit clearer.These bins are imported from North America.

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    and maybe we should have made it clearer, this brand is not the most popular EVERYWHERE in N.America; could be in some regions. I'm sure we will hear 'bout it .

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    there aren't any orthmans in my area but might be a few inthe country. The most popular in my area are Kinze and J and M with a few of the others mixed in.

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    Chaser bins.....oh I get it...OK. I live about 60 miles (hmmm, 90 kilometersIJ) from where the Orthman plant is. They have a reputation for building stout equipment. I think they are good, but I doubt that they are the most popular in North America. There are a lot of good "chaser bins" available. Kinze is very good and popular. Brent, J and M, and there are others are all respectable. I have a Killbros, which is a cheaper version of a Kinze, that has been good for me. You will need to decide if you want a single auger or a dual auger. The single auger carts are simpilier with fewer parts but to get the capacity they have to get a bit tall to do it which can pose a little problem with the angled auger from Gleaner. The dual auger carts can give more capacity in a lower profile. That is one reason I went with the Killbros.

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    A reason they are called "chaser bins" are at the speed we usually harvest at the chase is always on to catch up with the header(combine) before the grain bin is full again.They are also called "mud buggies" around here because when it does rain here (always at harvest time) trucks can't get near the paddocks.John

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    Brents are the most popular in my area of Nebraska. You can find a few Orthman around, Orthman headquarters is not far from me in Nebraska. They are very well made carts the reasons we don't own them is weight and cost. Heavier and cost more than most others. We have two Brents. Hope this will help.

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    Oz, I've ran Orthmans, Kinzes, and J n M's. Don't even price an Orthman. We had two new 900bu Orthman carts two years ago. The hitch broke off one. The slip clutches were replaced twice. The teeth that connect the auger when it is unfolded broke on both of them. Also, the extensions on top cracked and required repairing on both. The frame on both now have hair-line cracks. I really like Kinzes and J n M's.

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    There is Kinze in a class of there own and then there is all the others. Kinze is far and away the highest quality cart made. We have had the same one since 1984 and have put pto shear bolts in twice. [about $2.00 and 5 minutes time] That is it. We still run the original drive chains, gear boxes, augers and everything else that it came with. Have used it on over 32,000 acres, approximately 5,500,000 bu. Other carts are bought because of a cheaper price. Not for higher quality.

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    In my job i come across a lot of chaser bins and for our conditions Finch would have to be one of the best for heavy going like mud where a lot of stress gets put on the frame. With Kinze's single axel bins you have to be carefull not to overload tractor drawbars. John

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    We just purchased a model 8000 Unverferth.We will most likely pull it with a 4850mfwd.

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    My dad has a 680 UFT, however have since added extensions, so its probably breaking near 800-850. Very good cart. We pull it behind our 9280 with triplets. This does sound dumb, but our operator is an old man and does a better job with the autoshift than our 9270 manual. Cart is to heavy to pull behind 4960MWFD.

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    I have a UFT 760 Hydra that I pull with a John Deee 8560. That hydraulic driven cart does a fine job for me. Not the fastest for unloading compared to the PTO double auger systems. But there are not many carts out there that let you move the unloading auger while unloading like this one.

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    We run a KINZE 840 with a MFWD 8100. It does a good job handling the cart even when full. The cart is fast unloading and very nice.

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    We have been using grain carts and unloading on the go since 1974.UFT 400, JD 1210, JD 600, Kinze, Brent,Ficklin, and currently J and MAll kinds of tractors, from a 930 Case, JD 4020, JD 8630, CIH 7200MFWD, JD 4630 MFWD,JD 4960, and finally the best of all JOHN DEERE 8300T. Things to look for; Cart.1. Corner auger at least 16", how is it splined to the gear box shaftIJ No Bolts or pins.2. Horizontial augers like Kinze are high maintenance,and hard to cleanout.3. Most important-fold the auger across the front!!!!! not along the side. J and M does this.4. size is important! match cart to trucks and at least two 300 bu. combine hoppers unloaded on the go. You must know how fast your combine unloads. Ex. 28.5 foot semi's hold about 800 bu. about equal to 2 hoppers unloaded on the go. 42 foot Hopper trailer hold more so match them up. Remember the most efficient is for a semi t set on the end jst long enough to be loaded all at one time.5. Unloading on the go increases combine capacity at least 25%, dependng on crop and ground speed. These new hi capacity combines almost need two carts. Combines are expensiveuse them efficiently.Tractors:1. power shift a must!!2. Articulated by far better than MFWD-It makes getting unloaded in the center of truck much easier.3. Tracks are by far better than all other options. You can pivot the drawbar side to side standing still!4. Tractor sizeIJ You need at least 150 HP to pull 700-1000 bu through the field at acceptable speeds. Don't forget some of these big combines may be able to go faster than a loaded cart if you don't have the big tractor. Summary: Kinze has a big market share, but they are $5000 or so higher and high maintenance. J and M is my pick, we can hold about 930 bu. We custom wheat and barley harvest and corn and beans in the fall. We see all kinds of combinations out there. With more and more semis carts are more important.5

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    thanks for al the replies we pull ares with a case 1370 wihtout duals

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    We run a killbros model 1200 behind a JD 8300 or JD 7800.

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