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Thread: gleaner alerts

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    I'm wondering if anyone has experience in combineing feild peas with a l gleaner. I was just wondering how to set it and if your cylinder speed pully has to be changed. much abliged for any help.


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    Our 500 header has the auto control with the three springs and I understand there is a better control available. Anyone having experience changing to another control we would appreciate any information. thanks

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    We are about to take possession of a 2000 model R72, in Australia, and want to know if we can, and how to, use a handheld unit like Magellan with the Fieldstar system, and whether or not we still need to deal with differential signals. We are far from the coast, but do receive clear FM radio signals (if this is relevant info). We have just upgraded from a '94 R62. local gps reps are wondering the same thing. We would be grateful for any suggestions.

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    To One and All It would pay to make sure that all your Bushes in the torque limters are in good shape, as we have come to the conclusion that some of them are getting quite worn and then getting in to a cyclic vibration and then breaking feeder shafts and such. When I removed our rear feeder reverser drive pulley (one with the chain reverser sprocket on it) I found lots of chain marks in the pulley!!! you will find that the pulleys on the torque limters have a couple of bushes in them that get worn and can cause the pulley to wobble!!! Check All Pulleys for any wobble and replace bushes if need be. Rolf

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    We are considering purchasing a 1982 l2 Gleaner that was assembled in Mexico. The only differences we see are the split window and square fuel tank. Have been told by some dealers not to buy, because parts are hard to get; yet other dealers have said there are no differences in parts. It looks and runs like a great machine....anyone know anything about this IJ

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    I am doing a survey regarding combine fires, no matter how minor or extensive. To those that have experienced a fire loss, would like to knowyour details of what you think started the fire, the location and any solution you may have or modifications you made to prevent them. If you could include type of combine involved. Thanks.

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    I have a 1981 gleaner n5. The problem I am having is that the hydro wont pull the machine up a slight grade when I'm moving from field to field. The speed drops off drastically, even coming to a complete stop. The last combine I had was a John Deere 40 and it only had a 3 cog tranny with a mickey mouse variable speed belt. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Is the radiator on a G Diesel the same size as one on a F DieselIJ

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    If any of you are running 1993-95 model R series check the weld on the rear axle where the main round pipe is. The rear axle will slide out if this weld breaks. Can you imagine going down the road at 25 mph with a full hopper and this happens. Ours broke but we caught it in time. This is a known problem by agco. But it seems they havent sent out any bulletins. If you have a good dealer he should be aware of this .

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    I have had problems with a cylinder head temp light that comes on and will go back off if you slow down or stop for just a few seconds, the machine has the big deutz engine,and i don`t even need to be pulling the machine at the point that it is working hard (outside temp does seem to affect it) have power washed cleaned all dust out,repaced temp sensor probe,had wiring checked and nobody can fix it. the engine temp is always in mid green and does not show hot. also have problems with engine compartment spot fires in the bean dust on the deck behind the engine can`t seem to find source even tho we blow dust out all the time before starting the day.

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    I have a l2 that i have replaced and checked all the cooling parts, but it still over heats. woundering if anyone knew of anything else that would cause it to over heat.

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    How to set the timing on the fuel pump on a 67T engine Gleaner

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    After running our R75 all day we went to take the head off so we shut the combine down and then it wouldnt start back up. After 10 or 15 minutes of messing around it started. Is there some type of timer or could we have a lose wire somewhereIJ Any input appreciated. Thanks

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    it is 9_28_04 I cant post on the general page but can on all the others, is anyone else having problemsIJ

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    Talked to a farmer today, said he removed every other row of cylinder bars in his R50, only running 4 rows, said he can pick corn as fast as he wants. Has anybody else done thisIJ Will it work in thye 2 seriesIJ Just wondering.

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    want to buy r40 or r50 low hours with 318 header and 6 row 30 corn head,with straw chopper must be field ready,north carolina bound

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    Has there been any more progress on the new skid shoes that where discussed last year Tim

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