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    I am running a neighbors F2 in corn ( yes it is late I know He is 85 years old and broke his leg this fall and no other neighbors would step in and help ) I am running the cylinder at 600 with the concave wide open and 2 bars,and the fan set at 7 the cobs are clean but I am cracking a lot of corn and blowing a little corn over the seives, But I am still getting trash in the bin if I slow the fan down much it seems the trash problem gets worse


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    Is it possible to put a smaller sprocket on the clean grain auger_elevator drive on a '92 R52 to speed up removal of grain. We seem to be limited on capacity by this area. When we get into higher yielding corn the shoe will overflow into the fan area. No loss over the rotor or shoe unless it overloads. The clean grain auger is in good condition. Has anyone had any success switching sprocketsIJ If so, what is the part n. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I am currently reworking an F2 for corn only. would I get the best results from using the regular concave bars or should I go with the maize bar. I would also appreciate any other comments to help make this machine as effecient as possible in corn. Thanks, mark

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    just got a r-75 , what is the best cly speed and settings for sep and trashing grate , I have them set at 8 and .5 and running 3oo rpm , standard rotor

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