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    The battery cables on Massey 750 Combines was routed under the radiator. I have twice had to change the cable because the tight fit and vibration wore through the insulation. luckily there was no fire or major electrical damage. The cable now goes under the cab and then into the engine compartment. Approximate failure time: 3000 hr and 4100 hrs


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    Just got a 750 from a machine auction. I don't have any history on the unit. Haven't field tested yet but I have a concern with the temp. When travelling on highway it was reading close to hot.Should this be a concern and what should I do if it isIJ

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    I see this is about a year ago when you guys were talking about heating problems. Many years ago, we had three 760's in our custom harvestng group. They were all 1980 models,V-8 540's Hydros. Two of them had heat guages that the numbers were so that they showed about 250 degrees, the other one showed the same mark at 210 about at the 12 o'clock position, the needle in all of them read the same position at about 11 o'clock at normal operating. We hooked up another guage on one of the "hotter guage" machines and it showed about 180. So Massey had a few wrong guages in some of there machines.

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    After replacing several wiring harnesses and all the switches under the grain platform, and calibrating them according to the shop manual we still cannot keep the header height control working for any amount of time. P.S. we also replaced the control module in the cab.

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    I am doing a survey regarding combine fires, no matter how minor or extensive. To those that have experienced a fire loss, would like to knowyour details of what you think started the fire, the location and any solution you may have or modifications you made to prevent them. If you could include type of combine involved. Thanks.

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    I have a 760 standard drive and my transmission gets very hot, the combine shakes when traveling at the top end of the variable speed, the belts get hot. I changed the variable speed assemble. no difference What should I do nextIJ

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    I have run this 92'8570 in corn and beans for the last four years. Every season I have had problems back feeding the feeder house. The dealer I bought it from suggested a host of remedies from speeding up the cylinder to slowing down my ground speed. This summer I took it to another dealer for a pre season checkup. When I described my difficulities, the mechanic had a solution. There is an attachment for a rice combine that looks like a flat bar that bolts to the vanes on the front beater giving the beater about a 1_2" more reach into the material and a sharp edge to help pull things forward. Sure enough my machine had no such attachment. The mechanic learned of this fix at a training meeting from another mechanic. He told of a customer that was ready to get rid of his 8570 but tried this fix and now couldn't be happier. I am looking forward to similar results. Jeff

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