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    The Tx will outperform the 9600 in virually every aspect.The 9600 will throw over the walkers where the Tx won't.Neighbours in wheat will have the concave screwed up tight and the cylinder speed at max to try and keep it off the walkers and then have about 8% cracks,where you can open up the clearance and run cylinder speeds as slow as 700on the tx.In tough conditions the tx shines and has way more capacity than the 9600.The tx has a lot more features also like sidehill cleaning shoe(twice the size of the 9600),info monitor,rear separator,nicer cab,5 seconds to drop straw, etc.The newer the model the more improvements they have.They aren't perfect and take some getting used to setting but are overall a great combine.


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    Great thank you. I've been hearing from neighbors that the TX requires alot more maintenance upkeep, per hour than the 9600 combines. Is that trueIJ

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    They do have a lot of 10_ 50 hour grease fittings but it is a good way to check things every morning and maybe find things you otherwise would miss.I use a synthetic grease and grease some things like the variable speed pullies more often than 50 hours and other than a faulty straw chopper clutch and breaking a feed elevator shaft(which is heavier from 98 up)have had nothing major in 6 years.The straw chopper is far better than the Deere but sensitive to being in balance.Also the fuel consumption is really hard to beleive compared to other makes I've combined with.

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    People say that TX's have higher maintenance costs. I totally disagree with that. In the past 5 years I have seen all colours of combines come through our shop, and there is not one that is worse than the other. If the combine is properly looked after, they are an excellent machine, if neglected, what can be expectedIJ Try one out, you'll be impressed.

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    Nicer cabIJ What colour is the sky on your planetIJ The Deere is far more durable, has better resale value, fewer moving parts, superior unloading auger, nicer pick-up attachment, better dealer support, lays a better tighter swath for baleing, and is made in the good ol U.S. of A.

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    thats nothing to brag about, being built in the usa....

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