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    I knew tou would like it!! I've said many times the CR's are the cadilacs. I'm wondering. I was told that Vandalia dealership was to have one of the new HoneyBee flex-draper headers to demo this fall in soybeans. I haven't had time to check it out. I surely would like to see that flex-draper run in the field. I have not heard one single problem with the CR's this fall. Im hope that's true.


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    I dont know if they have the draper or not, I would like to see a draper work in beans. There are a couple guys east of me with 2388's that run the MacDon drapers on them,they say they can run just as fast as pushing a 30 flex head because they feed so good. IG

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    Who knows maybe Gleaner will paint a NH silverIJ AGCO has be painting the same combine all kinds of colors nowdays. I will have to talk to Vandalia and see if they will let me try a CR I guessIJ last year they asked me if I would let them try out that big new draper on our farm, but it never made it down here in time. We have a guy over by Nashville that is trying out a 36' flex draper on a CR960 this week. NH also has a 35' flex head now. IG I think you would look good with a NH combine. They seem to work good with AGCO tractors.

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    Il NEWHOllAND, I would really like to see the new HoneyBee flex draper in action. I know that the MacDon flex-draper has been out a couple of years, but it is only a 3 section flex. I trust that the HoneyBee being a total flex works better. I am really not a fan of the MacDon. If you find out anything about whether a HoneyBee flex is going to be running down there could you let me knowIJ I would like to bring some guys with me too.

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    If you "like" the draper head in wheat then you'd be "very, very happy" with it in beans. I have a 30' honeybee and can run about 1 mph faster than with the flex, simply because of the feeding PlUS there's no "dead-spot" between the reel and auger like on a flex; - the minute the stem is cut, it's immediately on it's way to the feederhouse. The only downside is not having auto-header height; - it's a bit of a pain in hilly_uneven fields.

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