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    I can't see why it wouldn't. The assumption would be that if you were just dealing with the grain tank auger, it would easier to remove the tailing return head than the unloading auger. However, if you are already planning on having the unloading auger off, than I don't see why it wouldn't go out the left side. let us know how it works.


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    JD, A couple of things. First, besure the grain tank auger is balanced and tne shaft straight before you put it in. We have very good luck putting on new flighting. Also while you have the auger out of the bottom of the bin it is a good time to put the stainless steel liner in the bottom of the grain tank under the auger. While you have the unloading auger off take a look at the ring that's in the pivot part of the unloading system. It usually has a worn area on it and it can be rectified by rotating the ring part way around. You should have a better than new unloading system when you get it back together. Good luck!

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    thanks for both your comments! my new unloading auger is supposed to be here in a few weeks. and i was just gonna replace the flighting on the grain tank auger as Don suggested, would like to use poly there but i haven't found a source for it yetIJ i bought the bubble up and unloading auger from Worthington....loewen, both has the "super edge" flighting with the bubble up being hardened top to bottom also. my bubble up isn't worn out completely as it is the NH Rice one with all the hard surfacing weld on it, but it is wearing out between the welds and the tube. thanks, JD

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    JD, I think you are doing the right thing by getting the loewen replacement augers. I have found that they are the very best. I know what you are talking about on the bubble-up auger wearing thru in between the hard surface weld that was on there. The new one will be a big improvement. In regard to the auger in the bottom of the grain tank. I imagine the only place that it is worn is right near the left end just befor it goes into the unloading tube. I put poly on the flighting on several of mine. You need to still have enough metal to bolt the poly to. Mine wore very well. Again good luck! Don

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