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    Hi there.... I tried a poly slat chain from Harvest services in Sask. Canada and I returned it about half way through soy harvest...I could not stand it. All it did was wrap and not feed well at all. The slats were bringing material back to the front and all it did was ball up and make a mess. The rotors and beater sound like a good idea. Did you replace the beater grate tooIJ I found that to be a really weak point in the TR86 that I owned. Could you put the link up for me on the rotors and beater or was there not oneIJ thanks lA.


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    lA, i had concerns about the Urethane slats doing just as you say. but, maybe i got lucky this time because it has yet to wrap or bring crop back across the top. smooth, man i'm not kidding! and as i was told, being as how these urethane slats give and take.....the chain itself should last much longer as the slats are not as able to place the chain in a bind like metal ones. my slats look just like the OEM metal slats, except they are about 2-3 times as thick. they have the serrated leading edge followed by a flat edge and are burnt orange in color. does this sound like the one you hadIJ i have 1 extra slat, and you can bend and twist that slat in your hands somewhat. not like rubber as they have a slick finish to them. the link to his site, since you requested is...... www.pfparts.com best of luck! JD

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    Mine were black and had a poor serrated edge on them. They were really slick to the touch and quiet but i spent more time in the front of the feederhouse unplugging it than anything else. It was ultra quiet too. I would like you to email me some pics at a later date. lA.

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