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    Interesting remark. On what basis do you deem the CAT to be overweightIJ The CR is no lightweight either, and the extra margin in weight of the lexion , from what I can see, is from having extra steel and strength of construction in all the right places, which is a good thing if you like longevity.


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    The over weight CAT comment was a bit of a joke, but my fear is this. If we ever have to harvest in the mud where we make ruts almost from one end of the field to the other (We did in 2000 and 05), I'd rather have a lighter combine. I dont know the weight of the new CRs but I know the Case combines are about 21,000, the TRs 22,000, and the CATs around 35,000. In 2005 one CAT owner here in southern Manitoba said the only way he could go was to put tracks on his machine. If it werent for their weight I'd seriously consider one. What's the weight of the new CRsIJ

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    Based on the last information I saw, I don't believe there is a CR model under 30,000 pounds. I think they're in the low 30,000s. In my opinion, for these combines that heavy, tracks are the way to go. I don't think you're alone in this situation. The TR was a very lightweight, efficient machine and could tread very lightly. But in this new age of 'super combines', we'll all have to do some rethinking. You could stick with a 21_23_2500 series CaseIH; they're still a light frame machine. I'd rethink a track lexion too; they offer a lot of advantages with big capacity.

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    You boys want big capacity with minimum weight, try a R75 , 350 hp, 28,000lbs. no one even comes close, also look under the shields on a CR, i could not even imagine trying to repair one of those. Nothing against you yellow fans but those CR's are way to complicated.

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    Thats what I thought. But with all the problems we had the first year which have been solved and wheat this year was smooth other then one hydraulic line that blew, there really not that complicated. They look it yes but there just how combines will all be years from now. With the exception of Massey and Gleaner. I like them. Would I buy oneIJ Maybe. I'm just glad I get to run one. Take care, Nathan

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    I think they want some capacity to go with that horsepower too! Boy do the birds love Gleaners, they don't call them silver seeders for nuthin'!

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