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    My farm is 95% on flat ground that is fairly good ground probly not as good as down your way. I'm south of woodstock. We can't all farm in one of the better parts of Ontario lol. But we can average around 165 bu_acre for corn and around 90 bu_acre wheat and probly 48 bu_acre beans


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    hmmmm better part of Ontario ehIJ lol..You guys have better ground in your area but we make up for it with heat units. Average yields on good land in our are run 160-170 for corn... 45-50 for beans and 80wheat... you can drop those yields by 30-40% on the heavier blue clays though. I swear when our clay ground crusts you could land a 747 on it and you wouldnt see tracks. Once loaded our 15ft GP no-till drill with 1000lbs of weight( plus a full seed box!!) and couldnt get the coulters in the ground lol.. fortunately we dont have alot of ground like that

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    where are you in australia it 50 in the sun at least yesterday but the buy the BOM it 44 dry bulb at west wyalong

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    only in canada do you get to enjoy -51, I'm right in the middle, Manitoba

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    i thought you ment you it was plus 51 we going though a little heat wave in australia at the momnet

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    Why would we want to!!

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    I do not envy you, that is just plain nasty. I left Wichita about 5:00 one morning 15 years ago headed for Topeka and the windchill was -62 F. If I remember the air temp was only something like -13 F, but the winds were "45 and gusting". I do remember that I had to use the ice scraper on the *inside* of the windows as my breath was freezing on them. The defroster could keep just a peep-hole cleared out front. Chuck PS It is that darn "and gusting" that can get you every time here in Kansas ..........

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    a ok

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