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Thread: Dolechek Harvesting

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    i think they run cat combines, last i heard.

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    2 670 AGCO Challengers with 30' Macdons

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    The 670's are massey combines. The lexion was the original Cat combine. I was at a wheat demo a couple years ago and watched a class six lexion 460R just spank a class 7 challenger 670. The wheat was about 100 bpa and the straw was damp and the lexion was running the header on the ground like it would in soybeans so they could bale behind it and did a beautiful job. Its windrows out the back were all very consistent (no piles) across the field. The 670 was surging bad due to the tough conditions and leaving piles in the field that had to be conditioned before baling. Our STS will do similar to the 670 if conditions get that tough. I was amazed with the lexion. We didn't hear it romp or groan once and its grain quality in the tank and on the ground was the best i've ever seen in conditions like that.

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    I went to college with Ed Dolechek, I never knew them to run anything but Gleaners. Times change I guess.

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    Ed and Mike traded their three Gleaners early last year for two big Challenger combines and 974 36' MacDon flexdrapers. Mike tells me they like the Challenger very much and cut all their regular jobs from the year before with just the two combines. They traded for two new Challengers last winter.

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    Glad to hear that they are liking their new machines. I only met them a few times but they were always top notch guys towards me. Of course they were kin to my bosses.

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    Do these guys have a websiteIJ Sounds like it would be another interesting one to browse

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    Where do they cut and whitch state they startIJ Regards Marty

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    6 580R combines

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    No they don't. 2 670 Challenger with Macdon drapers. Traded for new 05's this year ran 03's last year after running Gleaners for years. Switched to Challenger to get away from Cummins

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