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    jd 9600 won't start error 71E

    john deere 9600 combine won't start at the beginning of the season. Fuel generally leaks down over the winter, but we've not been able to get it run this summer.

    It will almost run if the key is held in "Start" position, smokes black and ?pops? ? some pretty hard ignitions, but as soon as returned to the "run" position it dies.

    We've bleed injector lines, used hand pump, changed both filters and the electric supply pump...etc. Runs on ether. Fuel valve shows "+" voltage in "start" and "run" positions actually jumped it to 12V with same results. Half a tank of fuel.

    Only error code that comes up is 71E ?DIAGNOSTIC CODES OUTPUT SIGNAL STUCK HIGH? So just what is

    thanks, Chuck


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