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    Chevy sweep: Corvette, Silverado take top awards at Detroit auto show

    General Motorsí Chevrolet brand swept the North American Car of the Year and North American Truck/Utility of the Year on Monday, giving the resurgent Detroit auto maker another boost at the beginning of the Motor Cityís annual auto show.The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray received the car award, and the truck was the Silverado. The Chevy sweep came after General Motors Co. made the most appearances on this yearís list finalists, which also included the Cadillac CTS and Mazda3 on the car side and Acura MDX and Jeep Cherokee on the truck/utility side.

    The Cadillac ATS took top car honours last year.
    The awards always kick off the press preview days for the North American International Auto Show, though they arenít affiliated with the show. Forty-eight full-time automotive journalists vote on winners from the list of finalists.
    The win for the Corvette, which starts at just under $52,000, is a strong point of pride for the company. The Stingray debuted exactly one year earlier and represents a redesign of a model thatís been in production for 60 years.
    Alan Batey, soon to be GMís North American chief, said the company canít make enough Corvettes.
    ďEverything thatís in the factory is pretty much customer sold,Ē he said.

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