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    Bookem, look down at my post on 11-22-02 listed "AirJet in November" JWK


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    Here is my good experience with the AirJet Chaffer. I installed it in a 1660 on Nov. 2nd due to a late Fall harvest here in Minnesota. This year the corn cobs were softer for some unknown reason and the cobs were breaking up and it was difficult to get a clean sample. The dealer's partsman told me that a lot of farmers were having this problem. If you closed the sieves too much, you would put corn on the ground, so many were slowing down to 3 MPH to keep the corn in the machine. Upon installation we went to the same field that I was harvesting the day before with a regular sieve. I have the "High Capacity Corn Elements" , since we are talking about yields of 170-200 Bushels_acre. I am totally sold on this type of cleaning system. It gave me back my 4+ MPH ground speed again with a much cleaner sample. A week later ( Nov 8 and 9th) I harvested soybeans with it. This sample was in one word "PERFECT" you could put those beans straight in your Air planter. I have to thank Mr. Gorden for his help with learning this system. I have learned that I can increase the fan speed to 1270 RPM, from the cab you now hear the fan. Jack in Minnesota.

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    I used the high capacity corn elements (screens) in corn (170 to 186 bpa) and the standard bean elements (50 - 55bpa) (Cent Il), and had good results. Gordon Harvesting (Marvin) gives excellent support. I had been using an airfoil chaffer and wanted to increase my capacity and improve my sample and the airjet worked. However, the airjet will not turn a 1660 into a 1680 - I traded combines mid season so I had a direct comparison. I was still able to go over 4mph with the 1660 in 170bpa corn with insignificant loss. And, I'm going to be getting the airjet chaffer for the 1680.

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    Hey Pat- since you traded machines did you keep the

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    Gordon is going to work a trade deal for the 1660 chaffer. Btw I used the "high capacity" screens for a few days and I think they ended it up in Mn.

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    Redman, I can't help you with grass seed production, you may want to contact Marvin on this issue. I have used them in Corn and soybeans here in Minnesota last year (2002) and have them install in a 1660 and they work great!! JWK

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    Can't help on the grass end but we put them in two 2388's for corn soybeans and wheat and we're getting the cleanest samples ever.We like not having to set and reset to get a clean sample.

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    more air flow, keeps mog above the chaffer = little to no tailings no stalk tops go in hopper, as did with air foil chaffer and long tooth chaffer change individual panels in the chaffer assemby to exactly match the crop harvested = chaffer isn't removed between say corn and wheat, just change panels more capacity due to better controlled air flow, nothing but clean grain in hopper clean grain sieve is open to 60% as all it does is control the air flow to chaffer There are two sizes for corn, if very high moisture should use the larger hole inserts.

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    Where can you purchase air jet chaffers. What size screens would you use for sunflowersIJ

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    Air Jet Chaffers can be purchased from Marvin Gorden that runs this website located in Wichita, Kansas USA at 1-800-745-1680 later Jack

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    We used one for the first time this year, cleanest sample we have ever had with canola and lupins and barley. The amount of returns was significantly reduced therefore some higher capacity was acheived. After that worked we paired it with some rotor bars, and saw a further increase, will more than likely put more bars on next year. The wheat wouldn't go through the standard screen initialy, but we cahnged over to high moisture wheat screens and that completely fixed the prob, just a matter of finding the right size screen for the job, with anything

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