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  1. Starting a farm

    Do a better job of marketing my crops.
  2. Keeping water from freezing

    If you're using a hydrant for water supply there is a device called a dribble float that keeps water seeping so it doesn't freeze. Downside to this is the tank will overflow and cause a mud hole, but the tank doesn't freeze over.
  3. Mechanized agriculture

    I've often said that technology is great, BUT technology is what's ruined our small towns and small family farms.
  4. Two-wheel tractor?

    If you know what brand of tractor you would like just type that in, or the model number instead of just a tractor. Or you could access Auction Time there are hundreds of tractors on there.
  5. JD Gator

    I had to replace the driveshaft on my HPX Gator after 13yrs!! The knuckles went "out". Does anyone know if there is someone that would rebuild these Knuckles/ujoints? They are not like the regular joints on a pto shaft.