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  1. Sanitation after ringworm

    I agree, but ringworm lives in the ground. and on any surface including cracks in fence post. they have thousands of spores that can be anywhere.
  2. Chicken wire help

    have chickens too, the plastic wire splits in the sun and falls apart, depending on how wide your coop is you may need a T in the middle as chicken wire will flex,bend and stretch. with the post even if you have to many post if they are not in the ground deep enough they will bend out and pull...
  3. Neighbor complained of rats

    use live traps for the rats and kill with a pellet gun, chickens will eat the mice and rats, poison will kill the chickens after eating the rats I agree. rats will kill old and young chickens. I have some neat ways of catching rats n mice alive.
  4. good,bad idea to start farming

    I am 44 years old n my kids are over 20 now, I have always wanted a farm. have few ideas how to start out but not much money to go around, paycheck to paycheck. is it worth it to start out now at my age? what can you tell me if you think it is a good idea any advice would me.
  5. Skunked

    I am a trapper, I use blue down, peroxide and baking soda on the skunks themselves after they spray and it does a good job.