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    What to look for in an ATV/UTV?

    Yes hauling weight and pulling also cold weather starting.
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    Must-have equipment

    As RichZ said (y)
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    I like Mac apple. (y)
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    John Deere or Farmall

    Kinda depends on couple things.... What are you going to use JD & Farmall for? Are they narrow frontends or wide?
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    Cost of lumber

    Seems every other delivery at HD prices goes and demand.
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    Snail mail

    Yes we use Amazon prime.
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    Before I retire Sunday was the day I hope to get things done I didn't on Saturday,now mostly putter day.
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    The timing of sales?

    Also done well at farm and equipment auctions over the year.
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    Rural business shipping

    UPS & FEDX mostly,FEDX just little bit quicker...little bit.
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    Snail mail

    US mail have notice change but Amzon etc. almost twice the wait time, :oops:
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    Did you get a frost?

    If the wind doesn't blow tonight ground should be white tomorrow morning.
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    Who works what?

    Peaceful... (y)
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    What are you preserving?

    All are veggies have been can now it what mother nature offering.
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    Largest Distribution Challenge?

    Welcome fellow granite starter.
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    Jumbo Wrench Set Harbor Freight

    I haven't had much luck...example 1/2" ratchet gear broke.3' pry bar trying to line holes for pin.