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  1. baloyi

    Personality traits

    Do social people make good farmers? I think they do. Farming for profit requires one to possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Overall, this is an involving venture, so time management skills are necessary!
  2. baloyi

    Extended warranty worth it on UTV?

    It is worth getting an extended warranty to cushion you from any unforeseen problems. I don't think it is ever safe to exclude at any point. Do you plan on having a mechanic on retainer?
  3. baloyi

    The most expensive agricultural crops

    There are many things to consider, which makes this a broad question. A farmer has to factor in the rate of yield, quantity planted, revenue per unit sold, time input, and cost of production et cetera. Oyster mushrooms, which can grow in 5 weeks, fetch $10 to $20 per pound.
  4. baloyi

    Preventing farm injuries

    We've ensured that there is fencing around any open water and all manure pits. Anyone operating any farm equipment or machinery is required to remove the keys when not in use. Children also frequently get educated on the hazardous areas and materials on the farm. Which methods do you use?
  5. baloyi

    Farmer group challenges

    Forming a group can be hectic and requires the farmers to be specific about what they want to achieve. Joining an existing established one is more convenient. Irrespective of their various levels of experience, all farmers should make decisions collectively.
  6. baloyi

    Demand for lumber and selling trees

    I haven't heard of any change in prices around our area. At times, speculation can cause unprecedented demand. Also, how much your timber is worth depends on local market conditions and the distance to mills.
  7. baloyi


    Not all of us grew up on a farm, have a background in farming, or studied agriculture in college. A mentor comes in to help such a farmer gain some hands-on training. Countless websites can link you with a mentor based on your location.
  8. baloyi

    Orders already picking up

    Repeat customers define and give meaning to our businesses. As such, I also wouldn't want to disappoint a loyal customer. What approach will you adopt in case most of them opt not to order?
  9. baloyi

    Setting up online orders

    If your business already has an online presence, it shouldn't be hard to direct customers to the website. What is the definition of 'simple' in this case? Do you foresee any costs you may incur in the future? I wish you all the best as you take this big and bold step!
  10. baloyi

    Raising Holsteins for beef?

    Holsteins contribute to a significant percentage of beef supply in most countries, so you may want to confirm if this is the case around your area. If there is a lot of demand, you can try approaching a few packers and see if they are interested in a steady supply.
  11. baloyi

    How many fish in a 1-acre pond?

    Are there fish species that are less successful on ponds smaller than one acre? Again, what should guide a farmer's choice of combination? I am interested in indulging in fishing, both as a farming option and hobby!
  12. baloyi

    Loans, easy or hard?

    Yes, banks are willing to give loans, but with more stringent terms and conditions. The trend will continue until when there'll be less economic uncertainty. If you have sufficient collateral, it should be easy for you to secure a loan.
  13. baloyi

    How many roosters?

    For every ten hens, there should be one rooster. It is risky to have more than one rooster in smaller flocks. Some breeders keep one rooster for every two or five, but it isn't advisable to do so. In a typical backyard chicken situation, they may get overbred.
  14. baloyi

    Orders already picking up

    Generally speaking, people are still speculative about how this year turns out. I hope that we don't get to the point where there is a short supply of most necessities.
  15. baloyi

    Agricultural innovation in The Netherlands

    Holland is the world's second largest exporter of food, exporting more food than much larger neighbors like Italy and France. The Dutch are known for their network of huge industrial greenhouses.
  16. baloyi


    In my opinion, the best approach would be to involve all stakeholders speak with one voice. The only way to tackle such a broad-based undertaking would be to start a conversation and have everyone on board. Afterward, everyone can begin working with timelines.
  17. baloyi

    Growth-oriented farmers

    I agree that technology continues to direct how farmers carry out their operations. It is also reshaping the amount of information we can have at our fingertips. For example, farmers need to understand how to meet the demands of millennials. They form the largest demographic groups and may be...
  18. baloyi

    What do you do for fun?

    Most of us never leave the farm during the growing season unless a reliable helper is available. All farmers deserve a vacation! Traveling and exploring new destinations is my preference. White water rafting is on my bucket list. How do you spend time away from the farm?
  19. baloyi

    Raising snails for export

    The helicicuture industry achieves sales greater than $12 billion annually, much as snail consumption isn't something you'll find in most countries. I think you should start by checking your state's regulatory requirements and checking if any restrictions exist.
  20. baloyi

    Efficient bass pond

    Bass fishing makes it easy to get into the sport. Since they are aggressive predatory fish, they are easy to catch. I think that bluegills and catfish can be stocked together with largemouth bass.