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  1. baloyi

    Preventing farm injuries

    We've ensured that there is fencing around any open water and all manure pits. Anyone operating any farm equipment or machinery is required to remove the keys when not in use. Children also frequently get educated on the hazardous areas and materials on the farm. Which methods do you use?
  2. baloyi

    How many fish in a 1-acre pond?

    Are there fish species that are less successful on ponds smaller than one acre? Again, what should guide a farmer's choice of combination? I am interested in indulging in fishing, both as a farming option and hobby!
  3. baloyi

    What do you do for fun?

    Most of us never leave the farm during the growing season unless a reliable helper is available. All farmers deserve a vacation! Traveling and exploring new destinations is my preference. White water rafting is on my bucket list. How do you spend time away from the farm?
  4. baloyi

    Raising farm animals together

    A majority of the species of farm animals can coexist, yet other combinations cannot work. Ruminants and poultry, pigs and poultry, mixed ruminants, and mixed poultry are common combinations. Ruminants include goats, sheep, and cattle.
  5. baloyi

    Irrigated agriculture

    On average, irrigated agriculture is at least twice as productive per unit of land as rainfed agriculture. It represents about 20 percent of the total cultivated land and contributes to 40 percent of total food production. How do you foresee its future with the competition for water resources...
  6. baloyi

    Unconvential farming ideas

    Starting an agricultural farm for profit requires a good investment. It is crucial to consider the local demand and distribution channels for supplying produce to far-flung areas. Has anyone of you considered vermicompost organic fertilizer production? It requires low investment and can be...
  7. baloyi

    Do you always go to the service shop?

    We all know that changing your tractor's oil is one way of avoiding major mechanical repairs afterward. Have you ever performed an oil change? It is not such a hard thing to do, and it starts with identifying your machine's specifications, then determining the type of oil to use etcetera.
  8. baloyi

    Skin irritation

    Have you ever gotten itchy rashes from touching some plants? Some contain irritating chemical compounds, while others can irritate when exposed to the sun (for plants in the carrot family like Queen Anne's Lace). Hops usually cause a mild reaction to my skin.
  9. baloyi

    Shared equipment pools

    Equipment costs are a large draw of capital, and so splitting the cost of purchasing them is much cheaper than going solo. Would/Do you belong to one? I have heard about numerous equipment sharing organizations that exist across the globe.
  10. baloyi

    Being fully organic

    There is now a fully organic state somewhere in India. The terrain here is treacherous, hence rendering usual farming methods almost obsolete. How far are we (as farmers) towards achieving global sustainability? Is the path towards being organic a difficult one, and which practices do we need to...
  11. baloyi

    How to properly maintain farm machinery

    Usually, the emphasis is mainly on tips like reading and complying with the user manual, dressing appropriately, adjusting equipment properly, and maintaining awareness among other things. However, it is advisable to train all operators and ensure that they know how to operate machinery well...
  12. baloyi

    Most profitable plants to grow

    Nothing is as fancy as turning our gardening skills into cash. There is a growing demand for bamboo, with homeowners and landscapers paying $150 each for potted bamboo plants. What do I require to become a successful bamboo farmer?
  13. baloyi

    Crops you can grow year-round

    Carrots, lettuce, onions and beets come to mind, although with every crop, the trick is in finding the right variety for every season. The summer can be an obstacle for lettuce while you can also choose between green and bulb onions.
  14. baloyi

    Tractors Maintaining a tractor

    You all probably agree that a tractor is one vital investment that can help you fulfil your agricultural dreams. With banks now offering loans on low-interest rates, it has become easier to buy a tractor. However, the real work begins after the purchase. How do you keep yours in top condition...
  15. baloyi

    Which animals are best suited for a small farm?

    It is a discussion that never ends, but that gets better every other time. When talking about a small farm, chickens, honey bees, sheep, goats and rabbits are easy animals to raise. Which others would you add to this list?
  16. baloyi

    Have you adopted precision agriculture yet?

    We all know that technology evolves quickly, and past practices can easily become obsolete. Does your current approach to farming incorporate the use of IT? I understand its importance in ensuring optimum health and productivity, but I am unsure about the ideal starting point.