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  1. Camoo4

    AC woes

    Oh no! It's hot here too. The AC bothers my allergies and sometimes my bones. There really is not anything that I can do about it besides take Advil and allergy medicine.
  2. Camoo4

    Communal garden help

    Oh that is smart, having them sign a waiver of sorts. So if they get hurt, they can't sue you. How many people have come to plant there?
  3. Camoo4

    Raccoon getting flowers

    I'm glad they stopped coming to mess with your flowers. What a pain that was, I bet. I hope you just moved the suet instead of taking it down.
  4. Camoo4

    Neighbor and their chickens

    Yeah, don't they see how ugly the grown chickens are? Ha ha... have them take care of the coops and see if they want more chicks. That just might do the trick.
  5. Camoo4


    My wife uses aloe after burn or something like that. It stinks having sunburn when you have to work outside all day. Better keep that area covered up for a bit.
  6. Camoo4

    Mask situation is a mess!

    Today we went to town to run errands. Some stores are still requiring masks. Some say they are not mandatory if you are vaccinated. No one is asking if you are vaccinated. It's a mess right now, for sure.
  7. Camoo4


    We have black bears here too. They do roam around at night. We haven't had any issues with them getting our chickens or any livestock. Our garbage doesn't stand a chance against the bear, they tear into that a couple times a year.
  8. Camoo4

    Homemade or store bought wing sauce

    We tried Cattlemen's and it was great! We haven't mastered the spicy sauce yet. I have been experimenting but it's not quite there yet. I think we are going to try a rub on the next batch.
  9. Camoo4

    Farmer's market in the park

    That is what I was surprised over, that the people thought they were garden grown. I have purchased many food items at a market but I know when it's store bought or garden grown.
  10. Camoo4

    Renting land

    We did decide to rent this year. The cost of land right now is crazy high (along with houses, lumber and pretty much anything). We rented from an old farmer who isn't really in the business anymore.
  11. Camoo4

    First year for Orioles

    I'm from NY too and I can't find an oriole feeder anywhere! I've been to Tractor Supply (3 of them),Walmart and a couple local shops. The orioles keep coming to the plate though. We have added orange slices daily along with the grape jelly.
  12. Camoo4

    Farmer's market in the park

    Every Wednesday in the spring and summer there is a market in our local park. I went this week and I was surprised to see "local grown veggies". I was surprised because there isn't any way that anyone has these available yet from their gardens. People were waiting in line to buy them. City folk...
  13. Camoo4

    Allergy season!

    It is pretty rough here too. I take allergy medicine year round but I feel your pain. Cottonwood tree junk is flying everywhere outside. I hope you get some relief soon.
  14. Camoo4

    Best weed whacker

    Of course my weed whacker quit this past weekend. I think this one was my dads, I've had it that long. So I'm going to need to get one. Recommendations? It's got to be gas powered, no electric or battery ones.
  15. Camoo4

    Hanging baskets of flowers

    I would start with a couple of spikes, a vine and some geraniums. We have made our own baskets for years and have had much luck each year. The key is to make sure you use good soil. We also use Miracle-Gro each week in the baskets.
  16. Camoo4

    First year for Orioles

    I'm so excited! We have orioles! It's the first time I can remember getting them here at the farm. The children put a plate of grape jelly out for them. I love that the kids are into the birds this year.
  17. Camoo4

    UK, Japanese, South Africa strain

    I truly hope it isn't like the flu shot. That never seems to work. You are right, they always blame it on a different strain. It's scary that this virus mutated so quickly.
  18. Camoo4

    Business classes

    That's awesome! You're never too old to learn. Will you put what you learn to use on your farm? Are you looking to start a different business or make financial decisions? Good luck, I'm sure you will do great.
  19. Camoo4

    Peeling a boiled egg

    I too use the cold water method. As soon as they are done boiling, I dump the water and add cold water to the pan. I usually boil my eggs 11 minutes. I leave them in the water for as long as I can before I peel them. I don't like to eat warm hard-boiled eggs.
  20. Camoo4

    Renting land

    I'm curious to know how many of us rent land from others to plant? We are looking into this so we can expand and I'd like some information. Do you think it's a good idea? Would you rather just try to buy more land?