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  1. BarkerB

    The Olympics

    I will watch as much as I can. I love beach volleyball and swimming. I can still remember when Michael Phelps won all of those medals. He was amazing to watch. Is it true that fans aren't allowed this time around?
  2. BarkerB


    Pickles, pickles and more pickles! We love them! We make sweet and dill and they are amazing. We plant both slicing and pickling cukes. I like burpless ones the best.
  3. BarkerB

    U-pick operation going strong!

    That's great news! I went to a strawberry u-pick about a month ago. We are going to a cherry u-pick later this week. This will be our first time there. I'm glad you have had success.
  4. BarkerB

    Time for cookouts

    We pretty much grill out everything too. I love shish-kabobs. We load up the sticks with all sorts of fresh vegetables. We also use chicken and beef cubes. It's delicious!
  5. BarkerB

    So hot, flowers are screaming

    We need rain here too. It's been brutal for a couple of days. Tomorrow is a high of 68 though. I wondered how your new vines were doing. Do you have to water them because they are new?
  6. BarkerB

    Registering side-by-side

    We didn't do anything with it yet. Our DMV are just reopening by appointment. We have been driving around the backroads with no issues yet. I don't want to put insurance on it.
  7. BarkerB

    Biden-Harris Administration Outlines “America the Beautiful” Initiative

    Interesting! I think this is great and I hope that it is accomplished in the next 10 years. Everyone should be more worried about our earth! Finally something I like that the current administration is talking about.
  8. BarkerB

    Tractor pull

    How cool! I did drive a friend's tractor in a pull when I was younger. We do go watch the antique tractor pulls each year. Good luck! Let us know how you make out.
  9. BarkerB

    Cows getting out

    Have you ever had a run away cow? Our neighbor had three get out this morning. I have never had any escape! I bet the neighbors were surprised seeing cows in their front yard.
  10. BarkerB

    To mask or not

    I don't understand why we still need to wear masks if we are vaccinated. I can see if you chose to not get the vaccine, mask up (if you want to). I would rather not wear one but it's required almost everywhere I go (outside of the farm).
  11. BarkerB

    Another not so local winery

    That is great news for sure! Are they asking to partner with you or asking to have input? I would keep it secret too, it's your business. A very exciting time!
  12. BarkerB

    Brush like apparatus

    We have a couple of these in our barn. The cows love it! I agree, they are like humans with certain tendencies. A lot of animals have quirky personalities.
  13. BarkerB

    Apple variety

    If you have apple trees, which variety do you have? We want to plant some more apple trees but I'm not sure which kind. I was thinking honeycrisp.
  14. BarkerB

    Kids and vaccine?

    Nope, I would not let my minor children get this vaccine. I'm not anti-vax but this one is too new. We just don't know what issues there will be in the long run. I'm hopeful that there are none.
  15. BarkerB

    Fermented apples

    I did a lot of research and tried to make these. I think it would taste better with fresh from the tree apples (instead of store bought). I'll give it a shot in the fall.
  16. BarkerB

    Anyone get the vaccine?

    How many people got the COVID-19 vaccine? Which one and how many doses have you had so far? Did you get sick from it? I had my second dose of Moderna today and I'm getting a bit of a headache. That's it so far.
  17. BarkerB

    Free range or coop

    I really hope that the chickens don't come on your land, just for their safety. I would think that they wouldn't go very far either. I do agree that they will need a place for nighttime.
  18. BarkerB

    ATV mess!

    Wow, people are just rude. I would definitely install some trail cams. I think that is a very smart idea. I hope that it doesn't happen to your fields again.
  19. BarkerB

    Birds sleep?

    It's fun to watch. All the birds are flying around all over and then bam - no birds. They must all sleep at the same time here. We have been getting more and more feathered friends at our feeders this past week.
  20. BarkerB

    Recreational marijuana

    Let the fun begin. I'm in NY too and I laughed when I saw Cuomo's post about it. First thought was, boy he's changing and relaxing a lot since he's been in hot water. I won't be growing it, or getting a permit.