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  1. BarkerB

    Cows getting out

    Have you ever had a run away cow? Our neighbor had three get out this morning. I have never had any escape! I bet the neighbors were surprised seeing cows in their front yard.
  2. BarkerB

    To mask or not

    I don't understand why we still need to wear masks if we are vaccinated. I can see if you chose to not get the vaccine, mask up (if you want to). I would rather not wear one but it's required almost everywhere I go (outside of the farm).
  3. BarkerB

    Apple variety

    If you have apple trees, which variety do you have? We want to plant some more apple trees but I'm not sure which kind. I was thinking honeycrisp.
  4. BarkerB

    Anyone get the vaccine?

    How many people got the COVID-19 vaccine? Which one and how many doses have you had so far? Did you get sick from it? I had my second dose of Moderna today and I'm getting a bit of a headache. That's it so far.
  5. BarkerB

    Fermented apples

    I keep hearing people talking about fermented apples. I know nothing of these but I do have many apple trees. Am I missing something? What are fermented apples?
  6. BarkerB

    Cross breed?

    Has anyone experimented with mixing fruits or vegetables together to come up with a new version? How successful was it? What two did you cross together? I want to experiment but I don't know where to start.
  7. BarkerB

    Registering side-by-side

    Anyone know if you have to register a side-by-side? Is it different in every state? I know our DMV is a state agency. We are looking to purchase a used one tonight. Planning on tooling around with it (just on our back roads). Unsure if we have to register it.
  8. BarkerB

    Thoughts on child poverty and $250

    I keep reading about some new item they are putting in the next stimulus. I'm not sure if it's in there yet or not. Child poverty and sending parents $250 (children from 6 to 17) and $300 (children up to 6) a month. I'm all for helping the needy but this scares me. I've seen people play the...
  9. BarkerB

    Breed or artificial inseminate

    Do you breed or use artificial insemination for your animals? What's the pros and cons? I would think that if you didn't have the male animal you would have to "rent" one. Is it cheaper than artificial insemination?
  10. BarkerB

    Do you have a preferred month for piglets

    We are looking into breeding some of our pigs. Do you have a specific time you aim to have the piglets born and why? I know it is 114 days from insemination so you can plan.
  11. BarkerB

    Watching the birds

    Yes, I'm one of those people. I love to bird watch, really I like watching a lot of animals. I hung up some new feeders last week and put suet in them. I've already had three different birds this morning. I'm like a kid in the candy store, tell your friends birdies where the food is at.
  12. BarkerB

    UK, Japanese, South Africa strain

    I'm watching the news and there are so many mutations of the original virus. South Africa, UK and Japan now have their own strand of COVID-19. It's a scary situation. They say it is mutating because of the amount of people that have it.
  13. BarkerB

    Neighbor complained of rats

    Why in the world would rats go into chicken coops? My neighbor (about a mile away) said last year he had rats in and under his chicken coops. It was the first time he had this and he's been farming for 30 plus years. What gives do you think?
  14. BarkerB

    Rain barrels

    I've heard both good and bad things about using rain water to water your gardens and flowers. Do you collect rain and use it? My parents did this and I remember the number of dead bugs on the top of the barrel.
  15. BarkerB

    Taking care of fruit trees

    We recently bought some new land and on the land are several apple, pear and cherry trees. I really don't know a lot about these. The fruit we will get is just fruit we will eat (not sell). Is there anything we need to do right now (winter) with the trees?
  16. BarkerB

    Father fell

    My dad fell a few days ago (slipped on ice). He fractured his hip! We are waiting on an appointment from a specialist now. I'm pretty sure he will need surgery. We are fixing a room up for him at our farmhouse. He's fighting leaving his house. I really don't know what else to do because we can't...
  17. BarkerB

    How often do you replace?

    What is the turnover of your equipment? I would imagine it depends on what equipment. I tend to trade in my ATV every 4 or 5 years. I keep the tractors longer, my newest is 8 years old. I keep great maintenance records and make sure that they are serviced regularly so I think I keep them a bit...
  18. BarkerB

    Best cut of steak

    My family has asked for steaks on the grill for Christmas Eve dinner. Well it's hard to believe but we have no steaks in the freezer. What is the best cut to get at the butcher? It's been a bit since we bought any.
  19. BarkerB

    Barn cats

    How many of you have barn cats? We have them and our kids treat them like royalty! Most of them like to be petted, just a few are skittish.
  20. BarkerB

    Power washing

    We just finished power washing a lot of our equipment (combine, tractors). It's all part of winter preparation. We are checking the logs and getting things scheduled for maintenance. How do you winterize your equipment?