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  1. Flowers and shrubs that change color

    I don't know the technical name for it, but I'm looking for flowers and shrubs that change color depending on the soil or some other reason. I think Irises might do this. I'm fairly certain that Hydrangeas change color based on the soil's acidity. Anything else?
  2. Streaming service with best value?

    Which streaming service offers the best value in your opinion? There are so many to choose from. I'm struggling to choose between Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.
  3. Extended warranty worth it on UTV?

    The warranty is about to expire on our Kawasaki side-by-side. We use it regularly and haven't had any problems with it so far. Is it worth it to get an extended warranty on a UTV? I know that extended warranties are meant to make money and that they're rarely worth buying. However, I'm...
  4. How long to wait

    After moving to another state, about how long should a person wait before allowing their livestock to explore the area and forage for food? Is it important to put out markers to lead them back or anything else? I'm a little nervous about it.
  5. Storing apples

    I have a surplus of apples and I'm too lazy to start pulling out my canning supplies again to preserve them. What's the best way to make them last? I usually wrap each apple individually with newspaper and store them in the basement, but is there a better method?
  6. Barn cat hurt

    He isn't friendly enough to put in the cat carrier, or I'd take him to the vet. He must've gotten into a fight or something because he had a wound that burst around his outer ear. Now it's raw skin. The entire back of his ear is exposed, and it looks painful. Would it be safe to put some...
  7. Any good magazines?

    Are there any good magazines out there that aren't filled with a ton of sponsored articles and advertisements? I used to love reading Good Housekeeping, but it has really become less about the content and more about selling products to the reader lately.
  8. Tacking on survival courses or camping

    Have you guys thought of ways to expand your agriculture business into the educational and recreational industries? We have recently moved and I'm still getting my feet under me in this new market, but I could see myself finding success teaching foraging and camping skills. I don't think it...
  9. Family Friendly Netflix Movies

    Have you ran across some great movies on Netflix that will appeal to the whole family? It's been so cold and rainy here that the kids are going stir-crazy. I'd like something that will appeal to tweens, teens, and adults - if that's even possible.
  10. Increasing ventilation in the coop

    It's been rainy and cold for the past two weeks and I'm concerned about the ventilation and humidity in the coop. I have the proper number of vents and the coop floor doesn't reek of ammonia, but when I check the humidity level it's quite high. Do you have any tips for increasing ventilation...
  11. If someone brought you food or goodies. . .

    would you assume that you should return the container or would you think it was yours to keep? It's not presented as a gift. It's a meal or dessert that's been dropped off just because.
  12. Fave podcasts?

    Some chores are plain boring and I like to make them go faster by listening to a podcast. One of my favorite podcasting channels is Outside Online. Some of the podcasts are informative and some focus on telling a great story, but most of them are wonderfully entertaining. In Defense of Plants...
  13. Amazing step-over apple trees

    I've never seen them in person, but apparently some cultivars can be trained through espalier to grow horizontally, and they're so low that you can actually step right over them. They're highly productive too. I can only find sellers in the UK that offer this type of fruit tree. Has anyone...
  14. What matters most to you?

    When it comes to farming machinery, what matters most to you? What features do you desire the most and what are some deal breakers? Personally, I want something that will last for years, so durability factors into my decision. So I'll look at how well it's designed, what the components are...
  15. Restoring old furniture

    I've recently inherited my great-great-grandmother's display hutch. Unfortunately, it's seen better days. The glass is foggy, no matter how many times I clean it and the wood has turned milky in spots. Any tips for how to clean this up? I'm not worried about ruining an antique. As far as I...
  16. Anticipated bumper crop?

    I know it's still early in the season, but I can already tell that my cherry tomatoes will be my bumper crop this year. I usually have a bumper crop of squash, but I've lost a bunch of those plants to pests all ready. What about you?
  17. Mistakes you've made with livestock

    We all make mistakes when it comes to raising livestock, especially when we're first starting out. Well, I made my biggest blunder after I'd been at it for a while. I enjoyed raising chickens, turkeys, and other animals, so when we moved to a new place with plenty of land, I decided to add...
  18. Your weather

    What's your weather been like this month? At the moment it's incredibly hot and humid, but last week I had to cover some of my plants because it got so cold at night. There have been huge swings in temps lately.
  19. Quick review of Black+Decker LP 1000

    This was an impulse buy while I was shopping at The Home Depot. I bought an electrical Black+Decker LP 1000 (it's like a loper/saw sort of) in March and I've been using it steadily since then. I had a similar model that lasted for years. It's great for speedily cleaning up yard debris...
  20. Keeping ants out of hummingbird feeder

    I have four hummingbird feeders and each one attracts its share of ants and yellow jackets. Is there a way to deter the pests while allowing the hummingbirds to drink? We really enjoy watching the hummingbirds flit about, but could do without the bugs.