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  1. Ritar

    Happy Labor Day

    That sounds like a great idea for a fundraiser. I hope it went great and that a lot of money was raised. We had neighbors over for a cookout. It was a great time with loads of great food.
  2. Ritar

    Hot air balloons

    Has anyone ever gone for a ride in a hot air balloon? It was our annual balloon festival in our town this weekend. We always "house" a "balloonist" and their family. In return, we go for a ride. I love it!
  3. Ritar

    Carving into live trees

    Why would they want you to do this? I would think that it could really harm the trees. I've seen people carve out of tree trunks but not live trees.
  4. Ritar

    Pay what you want?

    Interesting. I have a friend who has a "Pay what you can - stand". He complains often that people take without paying. His stand is a small stand, nothing large. I'd be interested to hear how you make out.
  5. Ritar

    No new trucks!

    We leased our last truck (wanted to see if it would do the trick for hauling some of our bigger trailers). Our lease is up, the truck lots are basically bare! In hindsight, leasing was a horrible decision! It was before the pandemic! Prices for new vehicles now are sky high! Anyone else seeing...
  6. Ritar

    Trouble getting supplies?

    Yes! For us it has mostly been equipment supplies (not feed). 6 month lead times for some parts to come to fix a tractor. It's crazy!
  7. Ritar


    We had another scare a few days ago. A couple of town roads were wiped out again! Thankfully it didn't hurt the fields/pastures. Mother Nature is certainly beating us up.
  8. Ritar

    Not many eggs

    It certainly could be the heat! It's been crazy hot here this month too. I would just keep an eye on them to see if it gets better once it cools down (if it ever does).
  9. Ritar


    We are a lot better now. I just hope Henri doesn't hit tonight here. We don't need any more water right now. My neighbor got his barn back under control. Mother nature sure gets angry sometimes!
  10. Ritar

    Tomato tips

    Really, sweeter if you water less. Interesting! I wonder why that is? We pick our tomatoes as soon as they start to turn, sit them on the windowsill to ripen. This gives more room to grow more!
  11. Ritar


    We have been hit really hard over the last few days. We are in a state of emergency due to flooding. Our neighbors were hit a lot harder than us. They had to bring their cattle over to our fields (their fields and barn flooded). What a mess!!
  12. Ritar

    Uptick in cases

    @Rich I live close to the Pennsylvania border (about 45 minutes). We had 51 new cases this past week! Let's hope it slows down! I fear they will be saying mask up again.
  13. Ritar

    Mission BBQ

    I love that place. The ribs are delicious! I try to eat at one every time I go on vacation. I wish we had one closer to us. What did you get?
  14. Ritar

    Do you name them?

    @RichZ ... you sound a lot like my husband. He isn't very creative with his names either. Yes, we name our equipment. We name our vehicles and our animals! My children and I get to do it because my hubby is so bad at it.
  15. Ritar

    Uptick in cases

    Does anyone here live where the cases are getting crazy again? I'm in NY and it's starting to pick up a bit but nothing like Florida. I believe they are saying it's the Delta variant. I hope everyone is staying safe.
  16. Ritar


    So you chop up the rosemary plant and add water? The slugs are still everywhere! It's been wet but not as bad the last week. I will have to try that. For now I put out beer caps. I haven't had much luck with that yet.
  17. Ritar

    Summer favorites

    My family loves pickles but they want something sweet and more of a dessert. I made a delicious cherry pie over the last weekend. I will be making a fruit cobbler this weekend.
  18. Ritar

    U-pick operation going strong!

    Yeah! That is great news. We are in the process of starting an apple u-pick farm. We have several nice trees, a lot of different varieties. I need to do some more research though. Kudos to you for your success.
  19. Ritar


    This is a horrible year for slugs and my flowers and vegetable gardens. They are all over the leaves and they are nasty. Anyone else have these? How do I get rid of them?
  20. Ritar

    Sunburn and dry blotches

    We spent a lot of time out in the sun over the past weekend. My face (forehead and chin) got pretty sunburned. It's now got several blotches of skin (raised) that is super itchy. Any idea how to take care of this?