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  1. Cash crops in the PNW?

    Trees and beets are two of the biggest cash crops in the Pacific North West. What else thrives out here that meets a need in the market?
  2. Cat Dramatics

    If my cat isn't provided with a plate of fresh wet food upon waking, she goes into a meltdown and swears she's going to starve to death. The dogs aren't nearly that dramatic. Is your cat like this?
  3. Forest/timber certifications

    We've struggled to sell our trees and another member here mentioned that certified timber might be more desirable. I've looked into it, but there are so many to choose from. Which certifications should we apply for, that will put us in good standing to sell our trees? We have an acre of...
  4. Demand for lumber and selling trees

    I keep reading that the demand for lumber has increased and that prices have risen, so we thought it would be easy to sell our trees. That is not the case at all. Has the industry trend changed recently and we're just getting in the game too late? What is the industry looking for when it...
  5. Green Living Costs

    Have you noticed that green living comes at a high price? There's a big markup on everything from soap to diapers to paper products. Why is it more expensive to make environmentally sound choices?