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  1. Thyme Flies By

    Ax throwing

    As a supporter of equality, I think we gals should get involved. I can't throw worth a hoot, but it sure sounds like a fun sport. It sounds much more interesting than rhythmic gymnastics. I'm watching a YouTube video of ax throwing and I'm fascinated.
  2. Thyme Flies By

    Cat Dramatics

    @RichZ, I am jealous! Mine promptly starts demanding food at 6:00 a.m. They have a full bowl of dry kibble that's available, but no, they MUST have wet food. Now! They will starve to death otherwise.
  3. Thyme Flies By

    Snow blower information

    My sister and her husband have a Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm snow blower and it is magic. I bet it's pricey, but it clears deep snow with ease.
  4. Thyme Flies By

    Cash crops in the PNW?

    Are you in Oregon? If so, I would think pot and hemp were two big commercial crops that you could start with. Maybe the market is too tight already for that though.
  5. Thyme Flies By

    Start yet?

    I like to get my beans out before Easter Sunday. I kind of use that as my marker. I usually start my tomatoes and peppers inside the first week of March.
  6. Thyme Flies By

    Cross breed?

    Wouldn't you need a lab for that? Otherwise, how would you know for sure that the seed came from the pollen of plant X which fertilized plant Y? I'm only thinking back to biology class. That was years and years ago, so I could be wrong on that.
  7. Thyme Flies By

    Get Rid of Junk Mail

    I hate junk mail and I get tons of it. We don't have a recycling center around here either. I looked for ways to stop junk mail and ran across this helpful article. I hope some of their tips work. Thought I'd share in case it helps someone else here.
  8. Thyme Flies By

    No robins yet

    You don't have them year-round? I didn't know some of them migrated. I wonder if I'm seeing our original robins or if these are robins that flew down from Canada? We always have robins.
  9. Thyme Flies By

    Amount to charge?

    I always hate this sort of situation because I never know what price to give. I think whoever is doing the asking should offer an amount upfront, then you can bargain from there.
  10. Thyme Flies By

    Medicinal Garden

    What do you grow that has medicinal value? So far I've grown the basics such as chamomile, peppermint, echinacea, aloe vera and such. But this coming season I'm hoping to branch out into the more exotic plants. Astragalus is next on my list. If you haven't already tried growing chamomile...
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    Sports aren't really my thing, so I won't be tuning in until it's time for the halftime show. I wonder if the commercials will be any good this year? I think it's the only time that anyone is excited about commercials.
  12. Thyme Flies By

    Air fryer

    I like to make bacon wrapped avocado in mine. The flavors really compliment one another. It's a savory dish. I don't use my fryer often because I eat out more often than I should.
  13. Thyme Flies By

    Going to start making wine!

    I've never made wine, but I enjoy drinking it with dinner on special occasions. I'm with Pinewood Acres, I think making a signature wine sounds like a great idea. You just need a pretty bottle to top it all off.
  14. Thyme Flies By

    Covering graves - yea or nay?

    No, I don't cover any graves. It's tradition in my family to get cremated and sprinkled wherever you wish. It's like one last adventure I suppose.
  15. Thyme Flies By

    Seeds sprouting in compost pile

    I compost everything from avocado pits to weeds and lately I've noticed that the seeds are sprouting. Is that a sign that my compost isn't getting hot enough or cooking long enough? I check the temperature and it seems okay, but my thermometer isn't very long, so it's impossible to check in...