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  1. Jonny B Goode

    Where Are The Scarecrows?

    i have driven cross country recently, and the lack of scarecrows I saw was disheartening. I grew up in the mid-west, near Indianapolis, and they were not scarce. What happened to the scarecrows?
  2. Jonny B Goode

    Crazy cows

    Strange you would mention this. In the past week, I have seen cows outside of their fencing and on the edge of the road on 2 different occasions.
  3. Jonny B Goode

    Vitamix FoodCycler

    What would the blades have to be made of to chop up bones and still last long? It seems like something that hard would dull the blades rather quickly.
  4. Jonny B Goode

    Thistle or no?

    You know, I've always wondered about that. It's the shape that got me wondering if they're in the same family. If you're a bird watcher/lover then the cost of thistle would be worth it.
  5. Jonny B Goode

    Joint farming

    Pooling your machinery is a good way to go. Doing this, in my opinion, would also mean pooling the insurance, both by cost and name. This would help ensure that both parties are responsible with it.
  6. Jonny B Goode

    DIY Concrete Cutting

    Sounds like a physical job. With the right blade and a straight chalk line to go by, it's just a matter of a steady hand. Can't give you a recommendation though as I've never done this.
  7. Jonny B Goode

    Farmer's night topic about on going matters

    Forgive yourself for doing what you did that upset people. Stop thinking about it and focus on the positive things in your life. The only way to move on is to start walking forward.
  8. Jonny B Goode

    Birds sleep?

    Yeah, but it's harder to imagine for some than others. It comes down to how often we see the animal, mammal, or bird, I think. Of course they sleep, but unless you are in contact with them the majority of the time, it's hard to imagine them doing something you don't see them doing.
  9. Jonny B Goode

    Goodyear And Soybeans

    By 2040, Goodyear plans on replacing petroleum oil with soybean oil in 4 of its tire brands. This has to be good news for soybean growers. I'm seriously thinking about switching tire brands to support the company. Story
  10. Jonny B Goode

    Goats need a job

    Goats are nature's lawnmowers. It isn't unheard of for owners to rent them out, or barter, to other people for the purpose of "mowing their lawn".
  11. Jonny B Goode

    Recreational marijuana

    And of those, you can rest assured that a lot of them will be in industrial sized greenhouses. Theft is a major concern here. People who grow plants for their own use typically have them indoors anyway.
  12. Jonny B Goode

    Getting Around The Property

    For those of you with a large spread of land, what do you use to get around? The pickup? A Polaris? Maybe just a golf cart? I'm interested in other people's ideas.
  13. Jonny B Goode

    Diversified farming

    The people who grow their own food for their own consumption diversify all the time as a matter of course. Green beans one year, lettuce the next, etc....
  14. Jonny B Goode

    Red Ant Solution

    Paint thinner? That's a novel idea. When it warms up around here I might give that a try. Put in a sprayer maybe and spray the perimeter of the house.
  15. Jonny B Goode

    Why Deal With China?

    Does anyone here know if the U.S. is so dependent on food crop imports and exports to and from China that we cannot stop dealing with them? If anything, find a suitable country as an alternative? The Covid crisis should have shown everyone how dangerous it is to deal with a country that does not...
  16. Jonny B Goode

    Robotic Farming Tech

    I see the main benefit of having robotic farming equipment as not having to hire people to help with a large operation. People who have operations small enough to handle themselves, probably wouldn't want the new fangled stuff.
  17. Jonny B Goode

    Getting closer!

    Yep, it's really nice these days. It feels great to get out, get some fresh air and get some work done. I've been doing some fence repairs.
  18. Jonny B Goode

    Where'd everybody go????????

    Sometimes performing upgrades or switching advertisers to a site requires downtime. I don't know if that's the case here, but it could be. I'm glad it's back too.
  19. Jonny B Goode

    Car and Truck Batteries

    I always buy Die Hard. My vehicles go through large temperature changes throughout the year which can wear a battery down quicker than usual, but that brand never lets me down. They typically last 5 years too. If you don't use the truck that often, try to keep starting it once a day or so just...
  20. Jonny B Goode

    A Trade Disruption?

    Sports and schools are closing because of COVID-19. We have to order toilet paper from Amazon if we need any, and people are generally in freak out mode right now causing the stock market to darned near crash. I hear they even stopped expeditions on Mt. Everest for pete's sake. But what about...