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    Combine Talk Show Is Back !

    Combine Talk Show Is Back at www.FarmChat.com !

    The greatest combine forum on the Internet is back online and ready to answer your questions. With over 20,000 threads and 120,000 posts from fellow farmers you can now easily search and interact with other farmers with your harvesting questions.

    The discussion forums are divided into easily understandable categories as before, but they are now easily searchable and incorporate all the great features that you would expect from a website in 2012 !

    As well as the Combine Talk Show, you will find many other categories to discuss agriculture, upload you photos, or even spend some time in our free arcade !

    You can go directly to the Combine Forum at http://www.farmchat.com/forumdisplay...bine-Talk-Show

    FarmChat Admin


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    scott nelsen
    I would be interesed in becoming a moderator, Scott.

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