Gleaner drag speed and blocks


I run blocks in the upright position front and rear on corn. Belt should be on large pulley at the top and small pulley at the bottom.


thanks Dan and for wheat and soybeans the items are just reversed rightIJ blocksset for max movement and small pulley on top and large on bottomIJ Thanks Bob


We run our blocks in the grain position, both drums, and leave them there for all crops. The pulley down on the bottom right side of feeder house is your drive. Small pulley for corn head and large pulley for grains and soybeans. Some will leave it on the large pulley for corn, but the feeder chains will really hum if you run your corn head fast. We run a 6-30 on an R62 and have the variable speed set as fast as it will go most of the time. I think feeder chains would be too fast if left on large pulley with this setup. Wider corn heads, where your ground speed is reduced and can run corn head slower would probably be ok.


I agree with T langan. I also started out leaving them on fast for corn and with the 6 row head they was really humming at full speed. Moved to the slow side and quietened things down a lot.