Gleaner R50 unload auger height


AGCO offers a kit to replace the end cap that stops the piston movement sooner and gives you about 12" more height. A less expensive way is to remove end cap and install a "black" 1 1_4" pipe coupling on top of piston and reinstall end cap. Cost about $2 and your time with the same results. We usually loosen the lower hyd. hose, remove upper hose and fitting.Weld a nut to top of end cap. Drive end cap down to remove round snap ring from groove.Use a slide hammer to remove end cap. Reassemble in reverse order. Hyper Harvest II


On R40-52's there is also a metal tab that contacts a stop so as to remove the stress on the chain when unloading - this needs to be moved as well. Stop should contact and as cylinder reaches stopping point the chain can be adjusted so it is just slack. We also install a cheap cat II 3 point adjustable top link from the frame just behind the drive wheel in the combine side to the lower part of the elbow in addition to the factory strap. A couple a 4" pieces of angle iron welded in is all thats needed - bolt the top link to precut holes in the angle and tighten to prestress the brace. This REAllY stabilizes the unloader and destresses the elbow bolted to the bin bottom side.