Gleaner R65 shopping


I had a Cummins in my previous R62. Very good engine and economical. I now have a Sisu in an R76. Kind of hard to compare but so far I have have not had any issues with the Sisu. It generally uses around 12 gallons per hour at 65% load. I think it is very economical on fuel considering it is 90 more horses than was in my 62. Also, compared to what my neighbors are using for fuel in their JDs and CIHs, I'll keep my Sisu any day.


Sisu has been around for many years accross the pond...long before AGCO.Tbran says they are well designed and built.


I just bought a R65 with sisu motor. Used it with draper head on 400 acres of beans.I loved the two together. Need to do wide corn with black or N head on R65 with lateral tilt.Would like to know how much work to get it to fit.