Gleaner Thresher Raddle Idlers


You have to split chain back at idlers (or just remove chain). Reach just ahead of the bolt that holds idler on for the 3_8" bolt. I believe you just have to loosen. then pry idler back. It should come out with strap. Been a long time but used to just climb in access door above seperator raddle. Man it was nice when they put that big door in back in 1977.


Thankyou for your reply. Sounds like a simple enough fix, but I wish they made that door bigger than it is.


Dan, the reason one door was larger than the other was my dad's idea and made a bunch of money off it in their costs savings program. He worked at the plant, supervisor in the sheetmetal 13 dept. For years kept seeing thousands of punched pieces(door openings) going in the trash, talked them into making one of the punched pieces larger, this larger piece then became the door for one of the smaller openings thus cutting the waste in half and larger openings up front. Many of his ideas went into the combines, worked side by side with engineers about 1_2 the time bringing about new ideas and trying to make things better.. We had an E, he thought it was a hog, then brother bought an F,we traded it on M2, dad said it was to big to turn around, now the R52. He just passed this spring, only one he ever got in was the E. He helped build thousands of all of these over his 37 years there, the E was his favorite... Gleamer


So make it bigger. A little piano hinge, pop rivets, wing nuts ect. We've put men on the moon.