Gleaner rear feed conveyor shaft r 62


Chances are you will need the sprockets as well. they are loctited to the shaftand have set screws that are also loctited. Need alot of heat to remove and not in a easy spot to work on. Usually easier to just cut them off. I would try to fix the threads with the shaft in the machine to get by until winter. good luck.


Nut has very little responsibility other than preventing splined slip clutch from floating off shaft. It is not holding anything in compression. Your sender disk wheel is not tight to shaft and will turn with shaft if it is turning. It must of sliped far enough away from sending unit to stop registering completely. You get a nut to fit firmly on threads you should have no worries. I think the four strand is great in that it is rock solid. I do not believe it is as aggresive as three strand. I have allways just rebuilt with three strand chains. You would have to replace tention drum as well if you go with four strand. You can install new solid shaft from newer machine but you would need sprockets that would fit the larger hex. You might want to consider replaceing rear feeder floor that is bolted in with latest floor for it is thicker and without a rear slip clutch you could end up bending the old thiner floor. I have not replaced any four strand chains because they are wore out yet and would likely stay with four strand when I do. I hope they improve the chain by serrateing complete slat and move the slats further apart someday.