Gleaner Saskatchewan Harvest Straw Management


I have a 85 N6 with a straw spreader that looks like a oversized chaf spreader.My wheat ran close to 50 bu and the spreader worked fabulously. I farm west of Vegreville ,AB. The drive for the straw spreader comes from the accelerator rolls drive on the lH side of the machine ,right under the unload auger. It looks to be factory built but there is no name tag on it. I have also seen similar spreaders on other machines so it is not a homemade unit. Hope this helps.


You are right, residue managemaent is critical to success of direct seeding. I've had the same questions as you; here is a bit of what I've found out: longer fins are available for the chaff distributor. Should get chaff moved about 22-24 ft. And without having to install any power sucking and sieve access limiting aftermarket chaff spreader. Fine cut chopper is avaliable, both from AGCO and aftermarket. Replaces the standard chopper. The finer cut straw apparently makes it easier for the standard straw spreaders to do their job.