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Sorry , I think it might be a tr85. I'would have to look to make sure (I'm a green man myself).


foolishfarmer, with a name like yours I'm sure you could make it work somehowIJ I have seen some JD's 6600 and 7700 made into sparyers. They may work better because of where the motor is. The New Holland is in the back and would need the drive line in tack on the side, so I don't know how much of the combine part you could do away with. Good luck! Ilnh


There was a real nice sprayer made from a NH combine in Farmshow magazine a year or two ago. Farmshow might dig out the article for you, for a price, it you go to their site.


our 86 isn't all that impressive in corn, this is what we run, you may be different, wet(28) 3 is max dry (17) 4.5 is max our 86 is a monster in soybeans, the faster you drive the better it works, we have the s cubed rotors, if you do not you will have problems, and the newer style 973 with terrain tracer, if you have any uneven ground the terrain tracer is a great deal, we don't run too fast, about 3 pushing a 22 fter, but that is because our head can't cut much faster, combine never makes a grunt or growl, this is in good dry beans, wet stems cause trouble we are also slow because dad drives the combine


The best thing to do is take out the bottom sieve for corn and just clean with the top. Set the air up to the almost max. for the cleaning fan. lower the sieve ext. down. Try to get whole cobs thur the rotors. If you get this set right you will go as fast as the corn head can bring in the corn. Good luck, Ilnh


I have a 1996 2188 combine for sale if interested. It is located in central wyoming. It has full afs system, chopper, super chaff spreaders and a rock trap.. $38000.00 USD... If interested feel free to contact me at 307-851-1680


There isn't any really serious problems with them. They were produced from 7_84-3_94. Can't exactly tell you the serial numbers off hand. The earlier models had problems with too many lights on a single relay, but there are service bulletins for them. Other than that, just the usual wear items. You have to watch the angle gear box for the clean grain auger into the tank. The tapered roller bearing need to be kept tight. Not hard to fix but can be spendy. Nice cabs, easy to set and work on if need be, really clean grain sample. We really like ours.


The early models had Cat 3208 engines later models had Ford engines. Good machines. Ditto about the lights and angle gear box. Just rebuilt a gear box for about $900.


take that angle gearbox apart and have a good machine shop rebuild and recut those teeth than put the upper seal underneath the bubble up auger in backwards that keeps dirt out, grease 2 to 3 times a day constantly pushing dirt out ,you will be fine! quit buying that gearbox John