New Holland TR 98 Repairs


2255, i just bought a bubble up and unloading auger's from Worthingtn Ag supposedly made by loewenIJ the bubble up was the wrong twist and the unloader was wrong also, mine had splines on the intake end and this replacement was smooth and key wayed. it also was 2" longer than my original though it was listed as the same length and the stub shafts on both ends where the bearings ride where much shorter on the replacement. so much so on the intake end that the yoke from the telescoping auger piece would not have had ample shaft on which to secure it even if it had of been the right surface on the stub. surprising to me, both of the replacements where made from much lighter materials also. so, i hope to return these with no hassleIJ i inturn ordered the Poly Shoes that bolt onto the worn flighting from lundell Plastics.......for the bubble up, the unloader and the auger in the bottom of the grain tank. for the most part, my augers where worn primarily on the ends of the augers. so i bought only a few twists worth for each auger. gonna cost almost 300.00 this way, whereas i spent over 1500.00 for only the 2 replacements mentioned above. if you buy replacements, take your's out and take pictures of them as NH used a couple different variations for each of these augers acording to the guy at lundell that i spoke with. he gave me all the dimensions he had listed for each auger and i then went and measured mine to see which one it was. loewen's parts page on the internet only listed 1 number per auger and my NH parts book only listed 1 number also per auger.....but it did mention that the unloader had 2 different possible lengthsIJ and the service manual mentioned that the unloader could have splines or smooth stub shaftsIJIJIJ best of luck! JD