New Holland 2rotorsrule


In Reply to: 2rotorsrule posted by tobaboy on September 17, 2007 at 07:18:44: um, only did wheat this year. the only "bugs" in the machine was two o-rings got smashed in the factory and leaked right away. After 1 week the fitting on the hydraulic cylinder needed a half turn cause it had dripped a little, and kinda a freak thing I guess after the first day noticed the breather tube on the rotor gearbox was broken off, we assume from when they put the motor in the machine. Basically I was never down except a few hours to get a new elbow for the beather tube. I didn't get a lot of the yield monitor_moisture calibrated right away, its kinda hard when you are just wanting to get done and you have more than one combine, cause you gotta weigh a tank load or two. I had the 42 foot honeybee on and ran anywhere from I'd say 3.5 mph in very weedy, extremely humid 35-42 bu. wheat usually running around 5.0-5.7 in 40-45 bu. dry wheat, and up to 6.5-7.0 in 35 bu. dry wheat. I had to run about 4.0 in the mornings (45-50 bu wheat)when the straw was still extremely tough...this year, the head could harly be threshed by hand and the straw almost wet, but the kernels would be dry, so we'd start at like 10.30 am which is about 2 hours earlier than every before and by noon would be up in the 5's into the 6.5 range by 3 pm when it would really get easy threshing. VERY Impressed 180-225 acres per day. with the New Holland. We would average 370 acres a day with two machines, and 420 was our best day. Something like 19,500 bu. that day or something like that. 2 combines 1 grainkart 2 trucks each with a driver, and 2 retired uncles running grain augers and keeping us fed.