New Holland TR86 rotors out now what


Seems to me that they never changed the rotor size so most updated rotors should work, rightIJ let us know what you do. Sure is quiet on this site.


It appears they did use the same rotors in most all the machines. looked up rotor part numbers for the TR86 TR97 and TR98 and they are all the same but there were a few extra parts on the later models. So I assume I can add all of that to mine and basically have a newer model machine. Now if I could just safely add say 30-50 horse I would be in great shape! So where is the fuel screwIJ


You can install the later rotors with no problems. As far as HP the Bosce pumps have the fuel screw inside under the square end cap. You can turn them up but you will have no way of knowing how far you are setting it. You could pull the pump off and have a pump shop adjust the fuel delivery to a TR96 spec. One thing to note, the same engine in the TR96 has the in-manifold air to water intercooler while the TR86 motor does not. So watch how hot you run it.