Caterpillar Challenger 680B


IMO guys this is what is going down, no I don't have any ins with the big boys but they have kind of put everything in front of us. Massey dealers died with Massey persay, AGCO has somewhat brought Massey back around, but not alot of dealers, oh yeah big knock on GlEANERS not alot of dealers and like the gentleman said earlier he had a problem with his dealer but likes his GlEANER. SO know we have Challenger in the mix, more dealers. SO you see you might have three different colors but you have one machine if you have a massey they have simply made it easier for us farmers to get parts and service. We might have to go to the other colors dealership to get parts but boys parts are parts and if we can get them quicker that means less downtime. And as far as I'm concerned the only thing that is selling green is the amount of dealers and just plain b.s. period. Its the american way of keeping up with the Jonses, if I can use that phrase.


Ok I work at a Cat dealer in Texas, and have been on the up and up on our ag products. Agco bought our ag track tractor line and kept the Challenger name. They sold their combine branch back to Claas. So we carry both lines of equipment, but Cat does not build any farm equipment. Cat builds componets and supplies these manufactures with engines. Agco bought out hundreds of companies and keeps them seprate. like the compact line of tractors we were told that the Challenger is the same as the Massey, and the Agco. When we order body parts the come un painted, and you have to paint it to match the line you are selling. But the keep us all seperated, we cannot sell other brands of Agco except the Challenger, Sunflower, Tergator_Rogator, and lexion.