Caterpillar lexion corn heads


parts are easy to come by, , no other manu. makes parts to fit the lexion head that i know of, should be priced similar to deere and case, harv's supply in giltner, ne. has used stuff around if that suits your fancy too. only dependability issue is with the deck plates, they wear fairly fast in my opinion!


The deck plates do wear a little faster them some. The knifes last a long time cuase you can turn them. The front sprocket is poly and last good. The gear boxes are dang near bullet proof! Keep some bolts for the slip clutchs. They need to make the outside chain case out of metal, but they run grease in it so if you crack just duct tape it or silcone it. They last a long time, most people keep the corn head when they trade combines. If you are looking at a metal one check GVl poly kits. They are cheaper then the cat ones.


I bought a five year old 830 steel corn head. Ran it two years then replaced chains, sprockets, deck plates, front idlers. Parts are easy to come by but slightly higher priced. But before you choke on the price look at comparable green or red parts. the cat head is so well built and so much heavier that your dependability is much higher and you will rebuild the head half as often as red or green.