Caterpillar More 480 QuestionsIJIJIJIJ


Email me and I will give you a phone n of a custom cutter that has and does run a lexion with the rest of his combines.


Dont think you can just swap singles for duals ona Cat. The duals for a cat seem very expensive compared to other makes.I think from the last time we got a quote it was double to what qa set for Deere would be.


i sent you an email, feel free to call or email back and i might be able to help you out.


looked at your web site, nice site. My feeling on the 480: 1. It's a 2001 machine and will cost you big bucks for repairs and service. 2. It's too big a combine for a 30 foot head harvesting wheat, unless you're harvesting in Canada or Europe. The combine is made for a 12 row head doing 200 bu corn. The combine is even too big for harvesting soybeans with a 30 foot head. 3. You better think about how you're going to haul or move the beast. good luck, my 2 cents


They are no more costly than anything else to fix. Their parts are cheaper than one of my Deere dealers and slightly higher than the other one and close to the same as my CaseIH dealer. I'm on my third one and wouldn't be if cost of ownership exceeded competitive costs. In fact, my current 585R runs me about 30% less per year to own. I do agree about 30' platforms though, too small. Better get at least a 36' or larger to keep up with its appetite. It is heavier.


Hey Rooster, you moved up to a 585R I see. Where did your 485 end upIJ I bought a pretty nice 480 here that I am in the process of replacing some worn parts. Overall the machine is in pretty good condition. Just saw your post thought I would say hello.