Caterpillar 570W


Its a 350hp version of the previous 460 walker. Everyone I knew that had a 460 was well pleased with its capacity and performance. It is a very big walker machine, with just as much capacity and most competitive class 6, 7 rotary combines without their cost.


Northern, We got a "Green lexion 560" last harvest Sept 06 it is the same as a "Yellow 570W" machine except that instead of the C9 in the 570W set at 350 hp the green 560 has a C13 set at 360 hp. Having run Claas Harvesters for quite awhile and nearly all ways had benz motors (had a perkins in one Mega 203, motor to small hp for size of machine) in them and had a GREAT run out of them, the low fuel useage on the was the best thing about them. I am very disapointed with the performance of the C13, high fuel useage, black smoke all the time. Farmer we harvested for not happy with the amount of fuel the were having to put in it. The local Cat dealer came out and changed the engine setting to a setting Cat had in there system this made no differance to the high fuel usage and the black smoke that it blows all the time. Claas then sent out a new engine setting from the factory in Germany and the Cat dealer has loaded it I have not used it combining since the codes were loaded i have only shifted it the my brother in laws farm the shed it and just pulling the header on the trailer it is still blowing black smoke traveling along the road I have been told by the Cat dealer that the C13 is not avalable in Australia until June this year and then it will be a truck engine set in the range of 400 _ 500 hp I wounder if running the C13 near its min HP ie 360 may be the problem instead of the C9 in the 570W near its max HP ie 350 We also ran a claas 30 foot Vario front Would like to know what other owners of yellow lexion 500 series harvesters think about there Cat engines Keep getting told that the Cat engine is good on fuel usageIJ is this compairing it to JDIJ or Gleaner Helmut tell the boys to put Benz engines in All the lexions (and tractors). regards claasman