Caterpillar Would like Some General Specs on lexions


The lexion site was good for comparing the specs on the current models. Since I'd be looking at used whats the difference between the 4xxR machines and the 5xxRIJ


I think a 470R is the same width of machine as a 570 and 580. The 470r would not have the Jet stream cleaning system, also the 470 doesn,t have the power louvers to blank off the rotors(need to put blanks manualy). The 400 series have smaller cabs, less electronics, and poorer choppers. The 480R is same width as the 590R. The 4xxR series is a very good combine.


If you go to the lexion site and do a search for the older combine numbers, sometimes the old literature will come up in the search. I have found this to be true on Agco sites and others. Sometimes the old literature and specs are still on the site, just the links are no longer posted. John