Our farm trucks need to last too


So, I am on the road a lot with the kids hauling horses and show animals, plus I run my own acreage of corn and beans. There definitely is not much down time, so I rely on my trunk for a lot of things, hauling, commuting, loading, you name it. But, my silverado 2500 had an exhaust leak in the manifold for quite some time now, and being that it's planting season, I do not need any troubles with my pick-up. I looked into a way to fix the problem and found KAP exhaust manifold bolt repair kits. Installed it in only about an hour, and they are $40-$50. Definitely saved me time during this busy time of year, plus it was a cheap fix. I would highly recommend looking into it because they are durable and made to be a permanent fix (the owner is a part-time farmer too, so he understands the complications). If you have a Chevy or GM truck yourself, check it out!