John Deere 9510 capacity


Well for one thing, not sure the head itself would be running fast enuff to even bring the crop into the combine. I used to operate a 9500 with 6-30 and in 140-160 corn we could go 4.5 to 5.5 very easy. Now a 9550 with 8-30 head, in 192 corn..could maintain from 4 to 4.3 very easy. I guess you could shove the hydro lever ahead to max out your speed for a short distance, (happens from time to time when the cart operator is not paying Not saying it could not or would not happen..but to be sustained for any period of time, seems highly unlikely. As with all the comments on here, just my opinion of course. CJ


How much was he throwing out the back. I don't live in corn country and have never cut corn in my life. But my experience with conventional combines is that you can go as fast as you want to go. How much you want in the grain tank and not on the ground is up to you. I had a neigbhor who bought a JD 8820 the first year they came out. He claimed that he was cutting 60 bu barley at 5+ mph. He had a 230 header too. I would have like to check behind his combine.


I would think the limiting item would be the clean grain elevator capacity. 9510 has a bigger clean grain elevator than an 8820.


On my 8820 the limiting factor is the walkers. The 9510 has quite a bit less walker area, that is what I would think would limit the capacity, but I don't know. I think the 9510 runs the walkers faster, but I still think area counts for most of the capacity. It would be interesting to see how much the loss was at that speed. He never mentioned the loss, maybe it was more than it should have been.


The lineage of 9510 go's way back to the 7700 and continues today im the 9560. They all have a 55 inch drum and the only capacity increase I can recall is a longer cleaning shoe which was itroduced in the the Titan 2 machines. Dunno about corn but their capacity in wheat is fairly imprssive.


If the corn was bry and it was not pulling in a lot of trash, they may have ben able to do this. My 9500 will move rite along if the conditions are perfect and your on level ground.